Cadillac comes out during the NY Auto Show

lgbt_Group_ctsvwagon.jpgBy Nick Kurczewski

In a first-of-its-kind event – and something we hope to see a lot more of in the future – Cadillac hosted a reception geared towards the LGBT community during this year’s New York International Auto Show. Gays and lesbians from a wide range of professional backgrounds rubbed shoulders, talked cars, and clinked cocktail glasses at this ground-breaking soiree.

Seeking to counter what one sassy guest referred to as GM’s “old white guys in suits” image, Cadillac chose the New York show and Jacob Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan to come roaring out of the closet.

Of course, many carmakers have promoted gay-friendly advertising, or generously sponsored charities and organizations aiding the gay community. But in terms of LGBT get-togethers held during the testosterone-fueled atmosphere of an auto show? This was a definite first. And yes, we can thank GM and Cadillac for it.

Cadillac_nyias201_nightout.jpgOther than the hot gossip and cool drinks, there was plenty of exciting new sheet-metal to ogle at the show. Not surprisingly, a Cadillac was featured prominently. The Cadillac CTS-V wagon was one of the show’s undisputed stars – my friends and colleagues routinely said it was the car they most wanted to take home for the weekend.

From its sharply creased exterior, to its 556-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 and top speed of almost 190 mph, this is the kind of family wagon that everyone can appreciate — no matter what your definition of ‘family’ might be.

Several entertaining encounters with buff young gentlemen – was there a recent escape of extras from the cast of Jersey Shore? – asking yours truly about the car’s stats helped drive the point home: this is one Caddy with plenty of cross-cultural appeal!

And most importantly, Cadillac is now a luxury brand that is leading the pack when it comes to recognizing the LGBT community. Good job, Caddy! Now, when do you think we can borrow the keys to that CTS-V wagon?

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