Planning A Last-Minute Holiday Road Trip? Expedia Can Help

Thumbnail image for expedia-lgbt.jpg Thankfully, things have shifted: your Friday meeting has suddenly been canceled, or the dog-sitter called to say she’s got an opening in her schedule, or your partner just came home with a sparkling, new grand tourer, and he’s got “road trip” in his eyes. So now, it looks like you’ll be able to take a quick Memorial Day vacation after all. But where to turn for advice? Try Expedia.
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Imperial Decree: Imperial Statewide Meet in Palm Springs, CA

Thumbnail image for chrysler-imperial.jpg They’re sexpots with wheels: voluptous styling, plush interiors, and lots of automotive jewelry. They drip with chrome and styling gimmicks: monstrous fins, freestanding headlamp pods, swiveling seats, square steering wheels, and eagles literally woven into the upholstery fabrics and embossed into the leather. It’s like Chrysler Corporation meets Imperator.
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Cadillac Seville: The Baby Turns 35

Thumbnail image for cadillac-seville.jpg It was 35 years ago this month that the Cadillac Seville made its debut. The smallest Cadillac since the 1920′s also debuted with the highest price tag in the Cadillac line up — the base price of $12,479 was the highest of any American made passenger car. This was a deliberate marketing move by Cadillac, which knew that in order for the car to succeed, it had to break through the “bigger is better” mentality that had permeated the domestic industry up to that point.
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Breaking: Naked Men Are Distracting To Rally Car Drivers

Thumbnail image for tapper-rally.jpg Mark Tapper was minding his own business, throttling down a dirt road and working hard to maintain his lead in last week’s Rally New Zealand. Then, out of nowhere, came a man — a half-naked man, giving Tapper a fleeting but powerful glimpse of his full moon. Said Tapper, “A very white bottom that was beside the road put me off for a fraction
of a second, then I just ran wide and rolled”. We’ve seen similar accidents caused by women, but this is the first instigated by man-tuchus that we can remember.
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Friday Fun Stuff: Retro Rides, Twinks And ‘Stangs, And Jesus Christ Vs. The Monte Carlo

Thumbnail image for BuickCenturion.jpg It’s easing on toward Miller Time (now known as Club-Soda-with-Lime Time, because we have to fit into a bathing suit sometime), and so, we’ve begun thinking about weekend pursuits. Here are a few of the items suitable for public conversation:

1. If you’re a bona fide car nut, you really ought to follow Glen H on Flickr. Based in Australia, the guy has a monumental knowledge of cars, and he posts fantastic shots of vintage production models and concepts (e.g. the 1956 Buick Centurion image above). Viewing his photostream is kind of like flipping through old issues of Physique Pictorial, but you could probably get away with it in the dentist’s office. 

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Cool Cadillacs And Bad Costumes

Thumbnail image for LetsMakeADeal.jpg Believe it or not, there was a time in America when Audi and BMW were little-known brands, Mercedes-Benz was considered a rare exotic and a big, shiny Cadillac was the car most American’s aspired to own. Don’t believe me? Just look at the reactions of these lucky contestants who appeared on the popular 70s game show Let’s Make a Deal. Thanks to the hard work of the lads at, this collage of classic Cadillac clips not only shows off some real beauties, it sheds new light on the art of minimalist set design. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the male contestants (and host Monty Hall), who are all in need of a Cadillac-sized Queer-Eye makeover.
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