Last call: 2016 Toyota Camry is always a royal (not a straight) flush

2016 Toyota CamryIn this new age of questionable “journalism”, readers have to search harder than ever to find credible sources of information (We like to think that is one of those sources). It’s not enough to read a blog–and to be honest, if blogs are the only places you check for information about the world, you’re screwed. You need solid, trusted information, and you need to read it from several sources.

A truly trusted source for generations has been U.S. News and World Report.  No longer in print, it now permeates the web with solid reporting and analysis, including analysis of automobiles.  U.S. News reads dozens of car reviews (almost exclusively from proven, reliable reviewers), then compiles those reviews, analyzes them, and writes a Consumer-Reports-type review that can always trusted.

2016 Toyota CamryThat’s why, when U.S. News and World Report says that the 2016 Toyota Camry has the number one rank (of 19) of all midsize cars, you know it’s not just a casual opinion. It comes from a careful analysis of what major, reliable, credible automotive reviewers (like have stated. TLGBs of the (currently) free world, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, the Camry has been around since the disco days of 1979. Back then, most cars with four doors had to be big to support all that metal, but in Japan–where the car originated and where space is very tight–big wasn’t much of an option. Thus was born the Camry, which came over the Pacific Ocean to us. Since then it, has gone through many, many incarnations, but it has always pleased and has always been a winner.

2016 Toyota CamryTo be sure, the Camry’s competition is out there and it really is Sasha Fierce. The Mazda 6 is an excellent midsized sedan, as is the Ford Fusion, which, when full of hot-rod and glitter-boy accessories, can impress even those who understand physics and fusion. Still, there’s nothing like a nameplate that everyone recognizes, and one that has consistently been reliable.  Hello, Camry.

There is plenty of room for all your friends inside the Camry, especially in the back seats. On the road, the car’s ride is quiet and smooth. It’s good-looking, too–in fact, it’s rare to find anyone who thinks the Camry looks odd. In many ways, the Camry is very, very vanilla–and in a car, that can be a good thing.

2016 Toyota CamryI love a dashboard with an audio/car control system with large physical buttons that you can grab and use, rather than having to put your finger on an exact spot on an interactive screen. In theory, you should be paying attention to the road and not even listening to anything that might distract you (like Kayne, and I find him distracting). Yet realistically, in this new age where a reality TV star with no sense of humanity can ascend to the presidency, people listen to music while driving and have several other temptresses that will steer their attention away from the road in front of them.  Thus, anything that can help, like physical buttons, will ultimately make the drive safer.  Again, hello Camry.

You can’t go wrong with the Camry.  Everyone loves it and you will too. It’s almost perfect, even as it ages.

Don’t you just want to ruin the hair and makeup on someone like that?

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