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Say Goodbye To Your Mom & Pop Auto Shop: It’s Probably Closing

A survey of small businesses found that indie garages aren’t faring so well, and more than half want to shut their doors for good in the next five years: One-third of owners in the automotive services and repair industry consider…

The OXO electric bike, designed by KiBiSi for Biomega

Would You Give Up Your Car For A Bike? How About An Electric Bike?

Bikes are increasing in popularity, but they have a long, long way to go before they overtake cars for commuting. Designer Jens Skibsted hopes to gives cycling a boost with the OKO, a gorgeous electric bike that he helped create for Biomega. To do that,…

Mommie Dearest

This Halloween, Volvo Wants To Decorate Your Car In The Scariest (And Greenest) Way Possible

If you’re the sort of person who means it when you say, “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the dirt!”, I suggest you stop reading here and click over to Buzzfeed or Reddit or whatever your favorite source…

Artwork by photographer Freddy Fabris

Photographer Freddy Fabris Uses Garages & Mechanics To Restage Classic Works Of Art

Freddy Fabris is a meticulous photographer, attentive to every minute detail. He’s also a devoted fan of cars and car culture, which provided inspiration for a recent series of images that recreate (and reinvent) famous works of art: Sometimes in life, fate…

Christine, directed by John Carpenter, based on the novel by Stephen King

Today’s Disturbing Read: “Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill”

Yesterday, the MIT Technology Review addressed some of the ethical issues associated with autonomous cars. In the process, it raised some uncomfortable questions, like: “Will self-driving cars be more rational and morally upright than we are?” (Hint: yes, if we can figure out…

Amateur mechanic

Attention Tinkerers & Tuners: Congress Is Trying To Prevent You From Working On Your Car

Jim Webb’s performance in last Tuesday’s presidential debate was terrible. He was unlikable, awkward, and wore a snap-on Lego hairdo. But when Webb bowed out of the race earlier this week, he said one thing that made quite a few heads nod in agreement….

Consumer Reports 2015 reliability study

Consumer Reports: American Cars Are Mostly Terrible (Except For Buick)

Consumer Reports has released its annual Auto Reliability Survey, and the findings…well, if you keep up with car news, the findings won’t come as much of a surprise. The CliffsNotes version is pretty simple: Asian brands are mostly great (Acura…


Is Uber Going To Take Over Our Roads Or Not?

We all know that Millennials prefer taking Ubers and Zipcars to buying their own rides. (At least that’s what we’re told.) That sounds like a recipe for success for both companies, but Uber in particular is having a tough time…

2015 Lincoln Navigator
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Lincoln Navigator Is Surprisingly Delightful

Lincoln Navigator pretty-much created the full-size luxury SUV segment in the United States, busting out in 1997 with a chromed-over and leather-upholstered version of Ford’s popular Expedition. Cadillac reacted quickly with a wreath-and-crest adorned GMC Yukon Denali – the Escalade…

Tesla Gigafactory rendering

Journalists Break Into The Tesla Gigafactory — Using A Jeep, Of Course

From Nevada comes a report of two assholes idiots journalists employed by the Reno Gazette Journal who broke into Tesla’s new Gigafactory. Stealthy and clever, they were not: The vehicle belonging to the two trespassers was a Jeep marked with RGJ decals on both…