2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

HONDA’S CROSSTOUR TO EASIER LIVING By Casey Williams A great read is Mary & Russel Wright’s Guide To Easier Living, published in 1950. It tells all of the Stepford domestic divas in suburbia how to while away their days without…

2010 Acura ZDX Advance

AESTHETICS UNEMCUMBERED By Casey Williams If you were unencumbered by traditional realms of aesthetics, what would you design? Phillip Johnson imagined a glass house, Frank Lloyd Wright waded through Falling Water, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe brought Germany’s famed…

2011 Audi R8 4.2L R-tronic

By Chris Doane Lawn boys let go of their Toro self-propelled, mulching mowers. Salesmen at Mercedes-Benz dealerships halt their SL65 pitches mid-sentence. Middle-aged women are giving me THAT look. When the R8 rolls past, the world stops. Sound good so…

Friday Fun Stuff: Retro Rides, Twinks And ‘Stangs, And Jesus Christ Vs. The Monte Carlo

Thumbnail image for BuickCenturion.jpg It’s easing on toward Miller Time (now known as Club-Soda-with-Lime Time, because we have to fit into a bathing suit sometime), and so, we’ve begun thinking about weekend pursuits. Here are a few of the items suitable for public conversation:

1. If you’re a bona fide car nut, you really ought to follow Glen H on Flickr. Based in Australia, the guy has a monumental knowledge of cars, and he posts fantastic shots of vintage production models and concepts (e.g. the 1956 Buick Centurion image above). Viewing his photostream is kind of like flipping through old issues of Physique Pictorial, but you could probably get away with it in the dentist’s office. 

Cool Cadillacs And Bad Costumes

Thumbnail image for LetsMakeADeal.jpg Believe it or not, there was a time in America when Audi and BMW were little-known brands, Mercedes-Benz was considered a rare exotic and a big, shiny Cadillac was the car most American’s aspired to own. Don’t believe me? Just look at the reactions of these lucky contestants who appeared on the popular 70s game show Let’s Make a Deal. Thanks to the hard work of the lads at MuscleCarFilms.com, this collage of classic Cadillac clips not only shows off some real beauties, it sheds new light on the art of minimalist set design. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the male contestants (and host Monty Hall), who are all in need of a Cadillac-sized Queer-Eye makeover.

2011 Ford Fiesta

COLORFUL AND FUN, THE FIESTA LIVES UP TO ITS NAME By Joe Tralongo For years now, I have scratched my big balding head in bewilderment at Ford’s refusal to bring its impressive world-class European models to the United States. There…

Friday Food For Thought

Thumbnail image for gulf-of-mexico-oil-spill.jpg Normally, we like to end the week on an upbeat note, but this Friday, we’re fixated on slightly somber stuff — in particular, the BP oil spill/leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s just beginning to wash ashore in Louisiana, and it could soak beaches from Texas to Florida before all’s said and done.

As a site that revels in rides of all sorts — from hybrid fuel-sippers to gas-guzzling supercars — we know that there’s a dark side to every car. Combustion engines rely on a vibrant petroleum industry, and that industry is the cause of the hurricane-shaped blob drifting toward the Louisiana coastline one month before storm season begins. Battery-electric vehicles are flawed, too: they need power plants, and the majority of those facilities in the U.S. are stoked by coal.

2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

MERCEDES E-LECTRA CABRIOLET By Casey Williams A breezy spring day is enough to make anyone want to re-live childhood and hop on a classic bike, like the ones from California’s Electra Bicycle Company. Cruiser styling reminds you of the past,…

2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

IMMORTAL CORVETTE GRAND SPORT By Casey Williams A car like the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport can make even amateurs immortal. Maneuvers that take great skill in lesser automobiles are executed with such ease and precision as to seem unchallenging….

Betty White, Bobby Trendy, Alec Baldwin, And Other Friday Fun Stuff

iron-man-2--robert-downey-jr----comic-con--09--18--lrg.pngIt’s been a busy week at Gaywheels — behind the scenes, anyway — but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention to all the shenanigans going on outside our Fortress of Solitude (aka The Server Closet). Here’s a quick recap of some of the car stories that’ve caught our eye over the past few days. You’ve got nothing better to do on a Friday, right?