That’s So Gay: 2014 Toyota Camry Pumps The Cam & Mitch Back Into The Pistons, Seats, And Nay-Sayers

Turn on the television on Wednesday night and ABC will show you three young children and their breeder parents driving a Toyota Sienna – and an A-list gay couple with adopted Vietnamese baby girl driving the ever-so-hybrid Toyota Prius.

That’s So Gay: 2014 Subaru Forester Gets A Makeover, Wows LGBTs & Straights, Too

Saturday Night Live’s openly-lesbian Kate McKinnon parodied tennis great Billie Jean King shortly after she was chosen to represent the U.S. in Sochi (Russia) at the Winter Games. As King, McKinnon proclaimed (as she laughed) that she would put all her lesbian chic on display in Sochi, to include driving a Subaru Outback through Red Square while Melissa Etheridge came blaring through the car speakers.

Kinda Gay, Kinda Flat: 2014 Jeep Patriot Is A Wash (But Not Martha Wash)

Not so long ago, some people blamed us – the ‘gays’ – for taking a perfectly good word and ruining it. ‘Gay’ used to mean lighthearted, fun, happy. It still does, it just now has some other connotations that are, well, gay. Still, many are disgusted.

Revisiting The 2014 Lexus IS F-Sport: A Car for The Fast, Fastidious, And Fabulous

A few months back, I wrote a glowing (as in gay glow stick) review of the 2014 Lexus IS, a fabulous, beautiful car with some improvements that make it worth more than just a Google shopping visit. In particular, you can now get a leather hybrid material for your seats, a “Bed, Bath and Beyond meets Mr. S. Leather,” if you will. Jamba Juice or Astroglide spill, be gone.

What’s New For Chrysler In 2014? Baby Diesels & 8.4 Inches To Play With

Things weren’t looking too good a few years back, as the entire American automobile industry was falling off a cliff. In the midst of all that, Chrysler hired Bob Nardelli, the infamous CEO of Home Depot who had a propensity to squeeze profit out of a company, even if it meant wrecking it because it was wreckable, to quote Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie Wall Street. Chrysler got wise and gave Bob the boot, bringing on Sergio Marchionne, who previously turned Fiat from laughable to lauded. With Chrysler, Sergio has now brought the company from bankruptcy to beatification, in a very profitable way.

We’ve Arrived: Like Uncle Sam, Chevy Tells Gays “I Want You”

Last summer, I was shocked beyond shocked when our beloved editor, Richard Read, asked me if I wanted to attend a BLTG (sandwich?) event hosted by Chevrolet in Seattle and Vancouver. I’ve never been a girl who could say ‘no’ to a man, so of course I cleared my busy calendar (brunch, shopping, tea dances, standing in line for Lady Gaga tickets) to attend.

2014 Chevy Volt Is Cheaper, Sexier, And Roomier

Let’s just say the Chevy Volt can take you farther than before, has more room and is more stylish and — now, finally — this is a car worth a serious look.

2013 Models Are Still On The Lot: Time To Go Shopping

Why pay for a new 2014 when you may still find some great new 2013 models at your local dealer? Here are some thoughts for your gay experience as you contemplate a set of wheels that really says “We’re here,…

2013 Toyota RAV4: That’s So Gay, But Watch Your Head

In the movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, our heroine walks underneath a movie marquee and one of the letters falls and hits her. When asked “how’s your head?” she responds “no one has ever complained.

That’s So Gay: The 2014 Lexus IS Is Trendy & Fabulous

If you want to reach the LGBT market, Lady Gaga (or a close facsimile) is a good place to start.