Uber's viral campaign
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Uber Karaoke Video: Did That Guy Really Get Into The Car Shirtless? Something Smells Funny

Uber is the company we love and love to hate. On the one hand, using Uber is super convenient — way more convenient than hailing a ride with most car services and cab companies. On the other hand, Uber’s top…

Nissan partners with North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (2014 “A” Division Champions from Palm Springs, CA)

Nissan Sponsors The 39th Annual Gay Softball World Series In Columbus, Ohio

Nissan hasn’t always been the best at creating an LGBT-friendly workplace. As recently as 2012, the automaker scored a fairly lousy 30 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index, while Chrysler, Ford and Toyota earned perfect marks (and GM wasn’t far…

BUtterfield 8
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The Best, Most Fabulous Car Crash Ever: BUtterfield 8

It’s Friday and it’s the middle of August and everyone at every car company in America seems to have gone on vacation. Apart from a massive Volkswagen recall, there’s not much auto news to report. Instead, I encourage you to…

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Can You Handle A Stick? The Basics Of Driving A Standard In About 5 Minutes

If you’re on the green side of 30, chances are good that you don’t know how to drive a car with a standard transmission. Once upon a time, “learning a stick” was a rite of passage. The price difference between…

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Off-Topic, On-Trend: 3D-Printed Cars Are Coming!

3D printing is big news these days. Though there are still plenty of kinks to work out, the technology promises to upend the way that many things are produced, from clothing and furniture to food and medicine. Also on that list:…

cash money

Before You Take That Zero-Percent Loan, Do The Math

So, you’re in the market for a new ride. You see a commercial for your favorite car brand or dealership advertising zero-percent financing. That gets your attention, right? But don’t be so hasty. As Detroit News reports, not only are…

LGBT Shopping Trends, August 2015 (Nielsen study: Proudly Setting Trends)

LGBT Consumers Shop More, Spend More Than Straights & We Really Love Book Stores (The Regular Kind)

Sometimes people ask us, “Why does the world need an LGBT car and travel site? Don’t gays and lesbians and transfolk want the same things in a vehicle or a vacation as their cisgendered, heterosexual neighbors?” Yes and no. Just like our…


Want The Biggest Bang For Your Vacation Buck? Be A Size Queen & Choose Quantity Over Quality

You’ve got about one month left, people — one month to plan, pay for, and embark on that last-minute vacation. The question is: should you? I’m not being facetious. Not all vacations are built the same. Some are truly relaxing. Others…


In Case You Missed It: AutoZone Slapped With $185 Million Fine For Discrimination (And It Won’t Appeal)

Where there’s smoke, people say, there’s fire. And in the case of corporations, where there’s one kind of discrimination, there’s probably more. As proof, look no further than AutoZone, which scores a dismal 15 out of 100 points on HRC’s Corporate…

Canary app for iPhone

Dude. Dude. DUDE. Are You Too Drunk Or Stoned To Drive? Canary App Can Tell You

Since the debut of the iPhone in 2007, startups have been dreaming of ways to help drivers determine whether they’re too drunk or high to get behind the wheel. Their methods have often relied on dongles that plug into a headphone…