Get Your Cruise On: Tips for Summer Road-Tripping

Thelma & Louise

Baby, the heat is on and poppin’! Summer is down the street and around the corner, and you and your boo are salivating over what hot spot to hit this summer. Your credit card limits have seen better days, so flying is just a fantasy. Road-tripping is the next best thing and the cheapest way to go, but first you’ve got to make sure ‘Miss Betsy” isn’t on her last wheel. Continue reading

Ford Is The Only Automaker On Top-20 List Of LGBT-Friendly Brands (Too Bad About Nebraska’s Woodhouse Ford Dealership, Though)

Rainbow flag

We’re happy to announce that, once again, Ford Motor Company made YouGov’s top-20 list of LGBT-friendly brands — something it totally deserves, since Ford was one of five automakers to score a perfect 100 on the HRC’s most recent Corporate Equality Index. Though none of the others — Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen — landed in the top 20, we hope they didn’t fall far below it. (YouGov hasn’t released results for all 1,100 of the brands it tracks.)
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An Interview With Gay NASCAR Driver Justin Mullikin

Justin Mullikin, photo ©2012 Mary Schill/Forte Design

I met Justin Mullikin of JM Racing in September when I was visiting my family in Wisconsin. He went to the same high school I did, albeit a lot later. I was amazed to learn that he was out in high school, something I never would have considered in the late 80s. But times have changed even in the flyover states and they’re coming out a lot earlier. Continue reading

Indiana Ends Negotiations With LGBT Group Over Specialty License Plate

Indiana license plate for LGBT equality

The past year has been an historic one for the LGBT community. America elected a president who believes in marriage equality and put a record number of LGBT politicians in office at the federal, state, and local levels. Voters approved marriage equality at the ballot box and fended off attacks from our foes. Elsewhere around the globe, marriage equality and other LGBT rights have been progressing, too. All that forward movement makes what’s happened in Indiana doubly sad. Continue reading

Minnesota Motorists Speak Out (Again!) For Marriage Equality

Minnesota marriage equality car wrap by Richard Herod III

Richard Herod is at it again. Last fall, he received a notice from his townhome association in Woodbury, Minnesota, insisting that he remove the anti-marriage amendment sign from the yard in front of his house. (At the time, Minnesota was preparing to vote on that amendment; if passed, it would’ve enshrined homophobia in the state constitution by denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry.) Continue reading

Auto Erotica: 5 Tips For Folks Who Insist On Mating & Motoring

Hiro at the Maritime Hotel (photo by See-ming Lee via Wikimedia)

Last month, we published a few common-sense tips for people who like to drive naked. To me, it was almost a throwaway piece. I mean, let’s face it: driving naked isn’t skydiving. It doesn’t require much preparation or research. But the next thing we knew, the story had been picked up and passed around like a well-endowed, badonka-donked hustler on Santa Monica Boulevard. Continue reading