LGBT Activist: Volkswagen Refuses To Condemn Russia’s Homophobic Laws Because It’s Afraid Of Hurting Sales

LGBT map of Russia

Over the past couple of years, Russia has enacted laws to silence “LGBT propaganda”, and it’s justified such legislation with flawed sociological studies. Unfortunately, these laws are written so vaguely that no one really knows what counts as “propaganda”. President Putin says that there is no discrimination against Russia’s LGBT citizens, but can they hold hands in public? Can they kiss? Can they declare their love in any way, or is that breaking the law? Continue reading

Orson Scott Card Is A Raging Homophobe, So Why Did Audi Work On ‘Enders Game’?

Audi fleet shuttle quattro for the film 'Ender's Game'

Audi and its team of designers supplied an important virtual vehicle for Ender’s Game, despite the fact that Audi is a gay-friendly automaker. From Audi’s glowing, giddy press release: “With its visionary design, the Audi fleet shuttle quattro blends easily into the world of the science fiction feature film and combines futuristic design with groundbreaking technology.” Continue reading

Gaywheels’ Most Popular Posts & Car Reviews: January – June 2013

Man driving shirtless

2013 has been an exciting year for both car fans and the LGBT community. The number of eco-friendly autos has surged, the roster of gay-friendly advertisers is growing, and just last week, the usual mix of tragi-comic news was brightened when the Supreme Court handed LGBT Americans two wins in the space of an hour. And even though the Prop 8 ruling was a bit of a letdown for folks outside California, the Court made it clear that the impact of its decision would be felt immediately and forcefully, no matter how much the asshats at the National Organization for Marriage bellyached. Continue reading

Get Your Cruise On: Tips for Summer Road-Tripping

Thelma & Louise

Baby, the heat is on and poppin’! Summer is down the street and around the corner, and you and your boo are salivating over what hot spot to hit this summer. Your credit card limits have seen better days, so flying is just a fantasy. Road-tripping is the next best thing and the cheapest way to go, but first you’ve got to make sure ‘Miss Betsy” isn’t on her last wheel. Continue reading