2015 VW Golf TSI

2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI: A Fine German Car At A Corolla Price

Not everything stylish and well-made needs to be expensive.  IKEA and Target prove that every day.  But, when you think of well-engineered German touring cars, jumbo dollar signs probably dance across your face.  It doesn’t have to be that way….

2015 Volkswagen Jetta

On The Fence: 2015 VW Jetta Is Good, Not Great; Fast, But Maybe Too Fast

A few years back, Volkswagen had the same problem that some high-priced rent boys face. Much like the six-million dollar man who charges five-grand per weekend for a good time, Volkswagen found that their cars were luxurious and elegant, fast…

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2015 Volkswagen Golf Worships At The Altar Of The Autobahn

Like religious humans, automobiles have their altars.  For Jeep, it’s the Rubicon trail.  Corvettes do their best work at LeMans and as pace cars in Indianapolis.  But, Volkswagen was born for one road — Germany’s famed Autobahn.  Fly GTI with…

2015 VW lineup with Barn

2015 Volkswagen Lineup Promises Power, Electricity, And German Hotness

If you’ve been watching Shark Week or Funny or Die, you’ve no doubt seen the commercials offering double wings, extra ranch …. and a cue to Ready, Set, Golf. The 2015 Volkswagen lineup is on full display and already on…

2014 Volkswagen Eos  (photo by Jeff Stork)

The 2014 Volkswagen Eos: Is It Time To Say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’?

The triple-digit days in Palm Springs are fast approaching. It was mid-90s this afternoon, and is still in the upper-80s a little after seven in the evening as the Volkswagen Eos and I head up winding Highway 74 toward the…

2015 Volkswagen Golf

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf: The Seventh Time’s The Charm

Recently I was invited up to San Francisco by Volkswagen for the launch of the new seventh-generation Golf and GTI. It was an appropriately urban setting, considering the type of customers they expect the new Golf range to appeal to….

2014 VW Jetta

The 2014 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 Turbo Shows There Really Are Second Acts In German Car Lives

At a recent full line VW drive event that we here at Gaywheels.com attended in Napa, we started our morning grabbing the keys to the vehicle that we expected the least from as far as thrills and surprises go. We chose to drive a manual transmission equipped 2014 VW Jetta in midlevel (and very affordable) SE trim with the all new VW 1.8 liter base corporate turbocharged 4-cylinder motor. But there is nothing basic at all about this new 170 horsepower/184 lb. feet of torque engine, dear readers, and no longer is the Jetta a bargain basement, built to price economy car with a faint hint of German sportiness about it.

Passat 1.8T SEL static

2014 VW Passat 1.8 Turbo Offers Thrills, Thanks To A Heart Transplant

Last year the Volkswagen Passat had one major flaw that took away from the fact that it is a roomy, well designed, high quality family sedan on every other count. Its entry level engine, a wheezy (no, we don’t mean Mrs. Jefferson) 2.5 liter 5-cylinder, did little but spur any buyer with the means to do so to opt instead for the superior 2.0 liter TDI turbodiesel motor.

2013 Nisan Altima

2013 Models Are Still On The Lot: Time To Go Shopping

Why pay for a new 2014 when you may still find some great new 2013 models at your local dealer? Here are some thoughts for your gay experience as you contemplate a set of wheels that really says “We’re here,…

2013 Volkswagen GTI (pic by Jeff Stork)

2013 Volkswagen GTI: Still the One

I don’t buy modern cars these days, because between press cars and the small flock of Mercedes diesels that tend to follow me home, there just isn’t the need. But it’s pretty inevitable at a party, someone will ask me…