Superbowl Car Commercials 2010

Thumbnail image for superbowl2010.jpgAhhh, the Superbowl. America’s annual excuse to party on a Sunday afternoon and pretend to be interested in a bunch of grown men wearing really tight pants running into each other while carrying a leather ball. Hold up, on second thought, that sounds kind of hot…Alas, I digress…for those of you that aren’t really interested in the game, there is always a LOT of hype over the commercials shown during the match. We’ve put together a collection of automotive ads/teasers that we know are coming this coming Sunday, February 7th.

Superbowl Car Commercials – Audi

This ad is one of a series of spots from Audi that are pseudo public service announcements about enforcing green policies. The ads have been causing some controversy over the use of the term “green police”. Seems that some people…

Superbowl Car Commericals – Bridgestone

Bridgestone has been doing teaser ads for the big game for a few years now. In 2008, we showed the teaser for their ad featuring Richard Simmons, and in 2009 we shared the preview of their Mr. Potato Head ad….

Superbowl Car Commericals – Kia

I don’t know where to start…Kia has two teasers out right now featuring life-size creatures from a kid’s program (I had to ask) in an ad for the new Kia Sorrento. The car is barely in the shot but the…

Superbowl Car Commercials – Hyundai

Hyundai is showing their full Monty before the game is aired. The first ad below features Brett Favre ten years from now discussing his potential retirement. Context appropriate but will it be usable after the game? The second ad is…