Tour Zagreb in an electric Ford Model T

Planning a summer trip to Europe? If Croatia is on your itinerary, be sure to include a sightseeing tour of beautiful Old Zagreb in fully electric replicas of the legendary Ford Model T. You’ll experience the city’s long history and…

Croatia: The land of “It Makes No Sense”

Ed note: From time to time, we post updates from Zach, a gay man, a devoted car nut, and one of Gaywheels’ biggest fans in Croatia. He’s asked that we not use his full name because while the situation for…

Travel guide: A car-photographer’s paradise in the Adriatic Sea

Hello to all Gaywheels readers from very hot Croatia! Today, it’s my day off from work, so I decided to pour myself a huge glass of lemonade (no, I am not Beyonce fan) and write a brief travel guide to Pag–an island…

The World’s Fastest Electric Car Comes From An LGBT-Friendly Automaker In Croatia

Hi everyone, it’s Zach again, from Croatia, the land from which the fastest electric car comes! Yes, you read that right: Rimac Automobili’s Concept One has been confirmed as the fastest electric car on the planet. The company has generated huge…

My Trip To Frankfurt, Stuttgart, And Munich

Greetings from Croatia, my dear Gaywheels readers. I haven’t written for a while, but recently I visited Frankfurt and its famous IAA show. All the automotive elite were there, presenting their shiny new models, so I decided to share some…

The Car As A Bedroom Of Last Resort

Over the past few weeks, we’ve published articles about the joys of driving naked and having sex behind the wheel. Just for balance, I’m going to talk about the dark side of having sex in cars. The ugly side. Or maybe it’s the funny side, I’m still not sure.

The Fiat 500L Comes To America — But Will It Make You Coffee?

When the Fiat 500L debuted in Italy, it caused quite a stir — literally. That’s because it came with an optional coffee machine. And not just any coffee machine: it’s made by Lavazza, the Italian king of coffee. (Check out the video above for proof!) That perk costs about 2.500KN, or roughly $430. To some that will sound ridiculous and unnecessary, but it’s all marketing, and to me, it seems fairly smart and cool.

Rimac Automobili’s Concept One Electric Supercar — And The 23-Year-Old Behind It

Our friend from Croatia, Zach, has returned with a great write-up of 23-year-old automotive designer, Mate Rimac; his new car company, Rimac Automobili, based in Zagreb; and Rimac’s first vehicle, the Concept One electric supercar, which debuted earlier this year at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Of course, since this is Gaywheels, Zach also asked Rimac about his feelings toward the LGBT community and LGBT workers. Rimac’s answers are in keeping with those of Croatia’s president, who has been vocal in his support for the LGBT community, in stark contrast to politicians in some other Eastern European nations.

Guest Post: A Small One Or A Big One?

In Croatia, I don’t get the chance to be around many big American cars, SUVs, or minivans. And so, I thought I’d tell you a bit about my experience owning a really small car (the Hyundai i10) and interacting with people from all over the world who drive really big ones. Well, big compared to mine.

Evan Darling: Coming Out Puts The Brakes On A Racing Career

Note: Late last year, we received a letter from a Gaywheels reader in Croatia — a guy named Zach. (Since he’s not out in his home country, he asked that we not use his real name). Recently, Zach contacted us again…