When you buy auto insurance for your car, you want a company you can rely on. But not all insurance companies are created equally. That’s why has partnered with Esurance, a company with gay-friendly policies for its employees and customers and a proud sponsor of Pride events nationwide.

Esurance: auto insurance you can take pride in!!

  • Great rates and discounts for all drivers
  • Substantial discounts for domestic partners insuring more than one car on a single policy
  • Strong customer satisfaction with 24/7 customer service & claims handling
  • Award-winning website with instant quotes and comparisons
  • Corporate support of Pride, the environment & community-building

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2 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. My husband and I are moving to the US. We are in the process of buying a car. In this context we are looking for an insurance company which is gay (LGBTQ+) supporting. We will need some other insurances for the daily life too.
    It would be a great help to know which company is trustworthy. So many agents from i.e. State Farm using the pride flag and say they support us, but State Farm is far away from being trustworthy. And there might be more what is difficult to find out from a distance. In Germany it’s easier, because this would be against the law and the media would crash them. Thank you for your support
    all the best

    1. Honestly, we don’t specialize in insurance, so I’d have a hard time saying which firm is truly LGBT friendly. I will say that many offices are locally owned and operated, like franchises, so each will be slightly different from the other. I agree that some insurance companies have been less than LGBT-friendly, including State Farm, but many of the individual offices are very welcoming.

      The best thing to do may be to check out HRC’s annual Corporate Equality Index, which grades companies on the basis of their LGBT-inclusive policies. You can find the 2022 edition here:

      In previous years, HRC has provided not only an alphabetical listing of companies and their scores, but also a breakdown by industry (e.g. automakers, insurance firms, ad agencies, etc.). This year, it looks like the industry breakdowns have been left out, but you can still look up companies by name. Interestingly enough, State Farm has a perfect score, while Allstate is close behind and Progressive trails a bit.


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