The Other Star of A SINGLE MAN

Somewhere between wallowing in memories of past love, brooding in loneliness, lecturing at a university, engaging in mid-night trysts, frequenting gay bars, being pursued by a beautiful young man, romping in the ocean, confiding in Julianne Moore, and planning an exit from this earth, A Single Man’s Colin Firth drove a Mercedes 220S Coupe. If I were a college prof in 1964 and lost my partner in a tragic accident, I might have been driven to indulge in these diversions. I would also have driven the Mercedes. [...]

2009 VW CC – Preview

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 – I just drove the new VW CC from Atlanta to Nashville and had every intention of getting the review up today while my impressions are still fresh. Of course, the minutia of running the site and trying to eek out a few more pennies from your eyeballs got in the way and here I am at the end of the day without a review written. [...]