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Featured Dealers

Our dealer locator is one of our most valuable tools on and we are going to begin featuring dealers as they become listed as Premium Dealers on the site. Remember, if you see a dealer listing that is activated with hyperlinks, mapping functionality and an email address, that dealer is actively supporting your community by advertising with us. This month’s featured dealer is Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, NC. [...]

Gay Car Buyers are Brand Agnostic

River Edge, NJ – Data from shows that the majority of gay car shoppers are brand agnostic when searching for a new vehicle. The analysis examined how in-market gay car shoppers search for new car retailers, found that more than half (54%) of gay consumers allowed their purchasing decision to be driven by the proximity of a gay-friendly dealership rather than an allegiance to a specific make of vehicle. [...]

Is Brand as Important as a Gay-Friendly Environment?

River Edge, NJ – Of the thousands of users that searched for a dealer on, nearly half (48%) did not specify a brand for their search. Among those who were searching for a specific brand, the most popular choice was Volkswagen. “Research has consistently indicated that the LGBT consumer is willing to change their behavior to support gay-friendly businesses” said founder Joe LaMuraglia. “Our consumers’ behavior indicates that a gay-friendly buying environment is one of the single most-important factors when gay car shoppers are looking for their next new or used vehicle.” [...]