2006 Jaguar S-Type R

By Gaywheels.com Staff

You know how a certain pair of jeans makes you feel, well, special? Or for the more butch of you, that certain baseball hat just compliments your look so well, you wear it all the time (never to hide that bald spot, of course not…). We here at Gaywheels.com aren’t ones to adorn ourselves with accessories or even wear fashionable labels. That is why it is so surprising that I am going to type the next sentence. Ok, here we go: The Jaguar S-Type R made us feel pr…, come on, I can say this….it made us feel pret……..what is wrong with me, we are comfortable in our sexuality…..we should be able to say this without a problem……the Jaguar S-Type R made us feel PRETTY. There, we said it! Something about the smell of the leather, the feel of the wheel and looking down the long hood at the ass of the chrome Jaguar hood ornament evoked feelings of……..oh hell, we felt like Sue Ellen pulling up to the ranch on Dallas! For those who know us, this doesn’t happen often. Damn you Jaguar for getting us in touch with our feminine side! I guess their new ad campaign “Gorgeous” hits the nail on the head.

2006 Jaguar S-Type R

In the spirit of full disclosure, we must say that when we heard that the S-Type R was going to grace our driveway, we weren’t expecting much. After all, this design is on its last legs and although we’ve always thought it was beautiful, in our eyes, it always felt like something a middle-aged woman would drive to the country club. Translation: not our style.

Oh, how a week can change things. At the end of our time with this cat, we can honestly say that we were going to miss the 4.2 liter, supercharged V8 engine that growled when you stepped on the gas and accelerated at a rate that touched your soul. This is one seriously FAST feline! And in the Type-R trim, it is sufficiently butch to differentiate it from the other S-types cruising around Buckhead/Palm Springs/Santa Monica. We soon lost the images of big hair and sequined dresses and replaced them with perfectly tailored Savile Row suit or better yet, the aforementioned jeans with a black t-shirt and killer leather jacket (can you say The Transporter?).

Our beautiful Radiance Red with Champagne interior (even the color exudes style and class), S-Type R was equipped with a 4.2 Liter Supercharged V8 making 400 horsepower mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The price tag rounded out at $66,645 including 2 options: Sirius Satellite radio @ $450 and adaptive cruise control @ $2,200.

2006 Jaguar S-Type R

This brings us to the negative section of the review. At that price, there are some exemplary vehicles that compete with the S-Type R. The Audi A6, Cadillac STS and Mercedes E-Class to name a few. All have newer body styles, are roomier and have better integrated technology at a similar price point. The new S-Type coming out for the 2008 model year will address those inequities soon. Until then, if you are looking for a fast, sexy sedan that doesn’t look like what everyone else is driving, the 2006 Jaguar S-Type R deserves a look.

The real question is; how do those other vehicles make you feel? Gorgeous?


  • 400 horsepower V8 engine
  • Exhaust and engine growl
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Park assist
  • Driver’s seat with bottom cushion that will extend out to meet your knees


  • Satellite radio – not integrated into the radio – seems like an after thought – very difficult to navigate through the channels.
  • Wet weather traction with sport tires
  • Birdseye maple wood trim
  • Driver’s seat rear cushion too narrow (or our butts are too big?)

Jaguar is a gay-friendly company.

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