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Datsun Honey Bee

We don’t know where he finds the time, but gay auto designer Bryan Thompson has a blog on Most auto geeks like classic convertibles, exotics or muscle cars. Bryan has a thing for honey — Datsun Honey Bees to be exact.
Seems he is obsessed with other odd Japanese cars as well. He talks about an old Subaru and Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon that he hunted down. Bryan explains his obsession – “Japanese cars from the 70s and 80s are the best. They are horrendously ugly, gorgeous and cool at the same time………There’s something strangely sexy about a chrome bumper, all that metal and glass and not a single air bag. The radios and steering wheels are works of art. I lust after them. The day a neighbor I didn’t know rolled up in a 1978 Subaru was the day I became a stalker. I walked my dog Lou two blocks out of our way to see it. I took photos of it in the middle of the night and I searched until I found one just like it.”

Brian and his Subie

We here at support these obsessions wholeheartedly. Our publisher pines for a Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV, a VW Thing, a VW Microbus and any early Fiat Spyder. Hardly the classic collectibles seen at Barrett-Jackson!
Bryan also designs furniture, trailers, t-shirts and anything else he can come up with. We didn’t get that gene so we are in awe. Check out his blog here.

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