2007 Lincoln MKX

Purple People Eater

by Joe LaMuraglia

2007 Lincoln MKX Crossover

Summer means different things to different people. In my youth, summer meant trips to the beach in North and South Carolina; days riding waves, drinking beer and basking in the moisture-laden sunlight. Alas, adulthood brought responsibility, geographic changes and a serious time deficit that has kept me from the beloved shore of the Carolinas. So when the stars aligned and a rare family beach trip was planned for my mother’s 80th, I jumped at the chance to spend 5 days will all 28 of my closest family members. The lucky chariot for the trip was the 2007 Lincoln MKX.

2007 Lincoln MKX Crossover

When the MKX arrived, two things crossed my mind: “damn, a black car in the heat of June” and “why the hell doesn’t it have a sunroof???” Ah, the inner voice of a auto-journalist can be so bitchy at times. Truth be told, I was looking forward to testing out Lincoln’s newest addition to their lineup, despite the hue and solid roof. The irony was – my inner bitch was quick to judge.

2007 Lincoln MKX Crossover

Not until we loaded the MKX with all of our gear did my twin sisters and I realize two things: First, it didn’t just have a sunroof, it had a massive panoramic glass roof that opened up over both rows of seats. The roof and color combination fooled even my seasoned eye. Secondly, this roomy crossover that engulfed all three of our less-than-petite frames wasn’t black but a deep purple! It wasn’t long that we dubbed it the Purple People Eater.
The six-hour ride to the coast from Atlanta couldn’t have been much more comfortable. All seating positions were cozy and the front seats were equipped with one of my favorite inventions – built in air conditioning. They came in handy as the digital thermometer inched towards three digits but in the end, they didn’t cool as well as others I’ve tested. The rear seats, while not climate-controlled, received rave reviews from my former basketball-playing sisters. Leg room is generous and the design allows for easy entry and exit.

2007 Lincoln MKX Crossover

Our favorite feature besides the massive sunroof and cooled seats was the THX stereo system. If you enjoy music, it simply can’t be beat for the price. There are better systems offered by Audi and Lexus but we haven’t experienced anything in this price range that can touch it. We re-lived some old memories via music and the crisp, clear tunes filled the void when we ran out of things to talk about.
Awesome tunes, comfortable seats, great light and visibility – what more could you want? How about a nice ride? The Lincoln delivers a beautifully smooth ride and that would never be called athletic. This vehicle is all about comfort and cruising. If you want sporty, “european” handling, walk away. If you like an American-luxury ride that is controlled and comfortable, the MKX delivers. Add to that good acceleration, decent passing power and a generous cargo area and you have an altogether pleasant on-road package.


• Unique styling
• Awesome Panoramic Sunroof. Beautifully integrated into the roof
• The THX stereo simply rocks. Must have if you are an audiophile
• Turning radius is large
• No manual mode for transmission – not good for control freaks
• Feels really heavy
• HVAC controls are not easy to use

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