2008 Hummer H3x

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2008 Hummer H3x

We here at Gaywheels.com Global H.Q. had taken some time off from our weekly vehicle delivery in order to catch up and get back on top of the all the things it takes to run a company. The email inbox is sufficiently caught up, bills have been paid (we hope) and we are finally ready to get back on the schedule of vehicles in order to bring our loyal readers the latest in from the road. Joe will fill you in via blog format:

2008 Hummer H3x

Monday, November 5, 2007

Our first vehicle on the new schedule is the 2008 Hummer H3x and it came at the perfect time. Nashville has been in dire need of rain for some time now and it seems that all the prayers for water were answered last night – at the same time. I am talking a week’s worth of rain falling in a two-hour time period. It was accompanied by lightning, wind and the threat of hail – a nice reminder that mother nature is still in charge. Ms. Nature made her point and turned the roads into small rivers that frightened all but the biggest vehicles. This is where the Hummer H3x comes in.

I made the short trip downtown to pick up my other half right at the peak of the deluge. With the sky turning black and visibility down to only a few feet, I very quickly understood the emotional aspect of owning a Hummer; I felt incredibly capable and safe. While lesser vehicles were pulling over to the side of the road, I confidently rolled forward, causing small wakes in my path knowing that I had over 9 inches of ground clearance and it would take a lot more than washed out roads to keep me from getting to my destination. (Note: An astute reader sent us an email and pointed out that the Hummer can ford up to 24 inches of water. A relevant point indeed! )To be honest, did I need to be in a Hummer H3 to make it ? No. Did being in a Hummer H3 make me feel more comfortable going out in weather like that? Umm, YES.

We arrived back to the homestead safely and waited it out a bit for fear the walk to the front door would be give us the second shower of the day. Did I mention it was raining? I park on the street in front of our complex and I have to do a three-point turn to get on our side of the street. This is a perfect test for the turning radius and the H3x really surprised me. It doesn’t make it curb-to-curb but it is pretty close. That will come in handy in tight parking lots and on snug off-road trails alike. Next test: road trip!

Friday, November 9, 2007
I had planned to take the Hummer to Asheville, NC for a few days but work kept getting in the way. From the brief highway jaunts around Nashville, the H3x promises to offer a surprisingly smooth highway ride. Surprising because looking at the H3x gives the impression of off-road dominance not smooth cruising. Only hitting large potholes reminds you that you are in a truck.

The biggest complaint from other automotive journalist was the lack of power from the inline 5-cylinder engine. Hummer fixed that issue by upping the horsepower and torque to 242 for both. Mated to a 4-speed automatic it seems quite peppy around town. With the standard 5-speed manual transmission, it might be downright fun. Another criticism from most who have driven the the H3 is visibility. The narrow glass and huge spare tire in the rear make backing up especially difficult (but no worse than say a Toyota FJ Cruiser). For 2008, Hummer is offering an optional rear view camera to alleviate that problem. A backup camera in itself isn’t groundbreaking. Many of their competitors offer it as well. What is so unique, is where Hummer has placed the screen. Check out the video to see how it appears out of nowhere from the rear view mirror and helps you reverse with confidence. More after a weekend of running errands.
Monday, November 12, 2007

2008 Hummer H3x

The Hummer H3x left our stable this morning. I spent the weekend cruising around NashVegas running errands. The H3x proved to be a very easy truck to live with and with the Chrome Package that makes up the “x” in the name, it was hard to miss. My neighbors are owners of a Land Rover Discovery II and after a ride in the H3x they are re-thinking their British beast. The ride is what surprised them the most. Their Discovery translates even the smallest road imperfection into a jolt while the H3x takes bumps, ramps and even the occasional curb in stride. I even got feedback from a Hummer H1 owner. He isn’t a fan of the chrome but likes the styling and just helped his father buy a H3. You couldn’t get a much better endorsement.
Our take: We know it doesn’t “make sense” but we like this vehicle. You can get into a Hummer H3 starting at $31,000. Yes, that is more than the base Toyota FJ Cruiser but we think the Hummer H3 is more practical and just as distinctive as the retro-FJ. If you are concerned about MPG or maximum cargo capacity, there are other, less expensive alternatives. If you want a unique machine that makes you feel incredibly capable, check out the Hummer H3.
– Size – perfect for two people and their gear
– Ride – surprisingly smooth
– High emotional quotient – makes you feel like you can conquer anything
– Available with a 5-speed manual transmission
– Available with a V8 in the Hummer H3 Alpha
– Visibility could be better but similar to competitors like Toyota FJ Cruiser
– The “x” package (chrome wheels, chrome brush guard, chrome door handles, spare tire cover, special colors and embroidered H3 on the headrests) not my cup of tea but if you are into that, it works
– The optional automatic transmission is an expensive option ($1,695)
– Some minor quality issues on the interior (glove box door and airbag cover)

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