When Velour Was King

Huge gas guzzling luxe-mobiles from the disco era find a fan base with gay collectors.

By Cocoa Efficient, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Note: Our own Cocoa Efficient is featured in the LA Times online autos section. As an owner of a rather large piece of American iron, she is an expert on the appeal of the classic cars from the 70’s. Check out an excerpt below and then click over to the LA Times to see her Top 10 choices from when velour was king.

Just when the straight world thought it knew everything it needed to know about being gay, along comes another bombshell: Gays are crazy about cars. Not just new ones, mind you, but big, chrome covered glitzmobiles with an urgent need for fuel and a hankering for wide open parking spaces. Indeed, gay car clubs, such as Great Autos of Yesteryear and the Lambda Car Club, have thousands of members, many of whom have become the sole guardians of the flamboyant ’70s luxury cars ignored by mainstream collectors. There’s even a website, Gaywheels.com, specifically dedicated to serving the gay and lesbian automotive community. The website promotes car companies that offer domestic partner benefits, and provides reviews, news and biographies of gay and lesbian members working in the automotive field.
Unlike today’s clones … err, cars, 1970s’ luxury automobiles were big, flamboyant, opulent, distinctive and unapologetically American. Shunned today by many who grew up in the disco decade, these big beauties have found a new generation of adoring admirers both here, and, strangely enough, overseas. From extraordinary size to exceptional uses of color and fabric, these 10 luxury classics are destined to take their place in American collectible car lore.
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