2009 Toyota Matrix

Pretty is as Pretty Does

2009 Toyota Matrix

It’s no beauty, but the 2009 Toyota Matrix has a heart of gold—and lots of gay connections. Gaywheels.com’s Joe LaMuraglia takes it for a spin.

2009 Toyota Matrix

One man’s beauty may be another’s beast. Some of us focus solely on outward appearances—that’s you, frat boy–while other put a higher priority on a person’s character and personality.
The same set of rules applies to cars. Some of us are swayed by swoopy style and big-name badging, while others get turned on by fuel efficiency and cargo capacity and other practical, nerdy things.

2009 Toyota Matrix

It’s a good thing for the 2009 Toyota Matrix, that the latter is true. Newly redesigned for 2009, the Toyota Matrix isn’t pretty, what with its oddly angular, slab-sided body. But geek love is a beautiful thing, and the Matrix has the goodness that draws us to its real talents, beyond its awkward exterior.

2009 Toyota Matrix

The Matrix is loyal to your wallet and eager enough to entertain you in commuting. You can equip the Matrix to be a fuel-efficient wallflower of an engine, a 1.8-liter four with 132 horsepower and front-wheel drive—or you can pony up for the 158-horsepower, 2.4-liter
four and all-wheel drive. Either way, you can choose either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic, depending on how shifty you are. The Matrix is a fuel-sipper either way, and anyone who says they don’t care n this day of $4 gasoline is loaded or lying. The smaller engine
turns in up to 26/32 mpg with the manual transmission.
And though it’s not a chart-topper in terms of power, the Matrix is tossable and fun to drive. Its low center of gravity and high seating position give you the best of both worlds; great handling and a commanding view of the road ahead.
If versatility arouses your attention, the Matrix puts out the pheromones you’re seeking. Its mini-crossover design offers 19.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity in the rear and the ability to flip and fold the second row seats to accommodate just about any size package. If you have an extra-long item—a kayak, possibly an eight-foot-tall cardboard cutout of nerdstud Steve Carell?–the front seat will even fold flat to handle the length.
Starting at $16,190 the Matrix won’t drain your bank account, and Toyota’s reputation for quality and high resale value will come in handy when you decide to trade it in for a newer model.
It may not be a profiling stud, but the Matrix is the kind of long- term commitment you’ll never regret.

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