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November 11, 2008
Sorgenfrei Signs Deal with Targeted Diversity Marketing
New York, NY – Sorgenfrei, a consulting and market research firm based in New York City has signed a partnership deal with the niche marketing firm Targeted Diversity Marketing (TDM), the parent company for – the country’s first automotive site targeted to the GLBT consumer. Based in northern New Jersey, TDM has long advocated the importance of better understanding Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) consumers, and the new partnership will strengthen Sorgenfrei’s expertise in this area. With a developed research plan, they wish to strengthen the understanding of consumers’ within the community, making their voices heard when it comes to the automotive industry. It is said that there will be a large focus on the brand’s social media accounts as just one of their marketing strategies. This is a big asset to the business as many people are now using social media networks to get all of their information. Many businesses use specialists in marketing like Task Ant to use hashtag searches to find the most appropriate hashtags for the product. Why are hashtags so important? They make it easier for people searching for a keyword in that hashtag to find you. It is just one of several SEO marketing tactics, that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Lots of services like ClickSlice, for example, can go into further detail on other types of SEO strategies businesses could use. These can help businesses to connect to the most appropriate audiences that would be interested in using the products or business for their benefit. Other businesses looking to make similar expansions might want to check out Growthoid, or a similar company in order to grow their following.
“The ability to understand and communicate with diversity markets will be a defining attribute for successful research companies in the future,” says Sorgenfrei’s founder Peter Sorgenfrei. By joining forces with an experienced firm like TDM, we have the potential to offer our clients a more comprehensive approach to their market research challenges.”
“Joining forces with Sorgenfrei is a logical extension of our brand,” says Joe LaMuraglia, founder of TDM. “Our insights on the GLBT automotive consumer have just begun to scratch the surface of this desirable demographic group. Adding the ability to offer custom research insights to assist clients in their GLBT outreach will certainly set us both apart.”
Sorgenfrei and TDM will collaborate on projects and combine intellectual capital to offer a comprehensive resource for clients with both general market and GBLT-specific automotive research needs.
About Sorgenfrei
Sorgenfrei was founded on the belief that consumer and competitive research could be more client-friendly, more accurate, more dependable, more inspired, and more affordable. Based in New York City, the firm works with clients across North America. Sorgenfrei is a truly global firm, with strong roots in Europe, and ten languages spoken by the firm’s team members. Learn more at
About Targeted Diversity Marketing
Targeted Diversity Marketing (TDM) is the parent company for Launched in 2005, TDM, established the first GLBT-targeted automotive information site. TDM was founded by Joe LaMuraglia, an automotive industry expert with a comprehensive background in market research, product development and new media.