A Pefect Gift for your Dad(dy)

Turtle Wax ICE

If you have a true car buff in your life, you are probably familiar with the obsession of keeping their ride clean. For me, it used to be a weekly ritual to wash my car and I am still to this day convinced that cars drive better when they are free of dirt and road scum. So when Turtle Wax offered to send me some samples of their new ICE line of products, I agreed to try them out. The plan was to bring back the shine on my sister’s 1973 VW Bug. Alas, in my life plans are fluid and as my schedule quickly filled up, I decided to give the products to the perfect test market; the car-obsessed twenty-something sons of our neighbors.
These two young guys both drive VWs – a Jetta GLI and a R32 and I’d say they wash their cars at least three times a week. A perfect test for the new ICE products from Turtle Wax.
The kit contained some samples of the ICE Car Wash, a complete ICE Clay Kit, ICE interior cleaner and ICE wheel and tire cleaner. The guys were so impressed with the ICE Car Wash that they went out and purchased a full bottle. They said that it was easy to use (not that car wash is HARD to use) and that it even allows you to wash the car in full sunlight. They were most impressed with how it dried quickly and left no residue. For those of you that have washed their cars on a hot summer day after researching it on MotorCareGuys and other sites, you know how important this feature is.
The guys also spoke highly of the ICE Interior Cleaner saying that it washed away the dirt and dust without leaving any shiny, sticky film. The ICE Clay Kit is a more involved process that removes layers of residue and prepares the vehicle’s surface for a layer of wax. Boys being boys, they only tried it on the horizontal surfaces of the Jetta but reported amazing results after spending the time to clay the surface and then apply a layer of Turtle Wax.
The guys’ reaction to the products is high praise indeed. With Father’s Day coming up in a few days, a complete set of ICE products is an expensive and useful gift for your Dad or Daddy 😉
Check out Turtle Wax’s Guide below:
A Guide to Washing and Waxing Dad’s Car Without Breaking the Bank
Whether your dad is a car buff or doesn’t know how to change the oil, everyone enjoys a clean car. For Father’s Day this year, consider giving back to dad with a collection of automotive care products designed to really spruce up a vehicle, or even offer to wash and wax the car for him. Turtle Wax® offers several products that will help clean, shine, detail and protect a vehicle from top to bottom, ensuring a great gift and a great shine.
You can get everything you need for the perfect car detail at a great value. Start with a simple wash to remove dirt, dust and road grime, and then move to a wax to seal in the shine. Cleaning and polishing the wheels and tires will finish off the exterior of the vehicle, while a good detail of the interior will complete the package. Look into different car detailing supplies and products that will enable you to find the best products for each part of the car you wish to clean back to a near new condition. Turtle Wax suggests the following easy steps using high-quality car care products to help give dad a flawless-looking vehicle.

· Wash: The first step is to clean the vehicle of all surface contaminants. For best results, use a product that will deep clean the vehicle’s exterior and remove any stubborn dirt and stains. Turtle Wax ICE® Car Wash is a clean-rinsing formula that is safe for all finishes.

· Wax: Waxing helps restore color and shine left behind from bad weather and road debris and leaves behind a protective barrier to help prevent scratches, swirl marks and other surface contaminants from damaging the finish. Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Polish goes on easy and creates exceptional shine. Unlike conventional waxes, ICE Liquid Polish can be applied in direct sunlight or on a hot surface without streaking or wax build-up.

· Wheels and Tires: In addition to washing and waxing the vehicle’s finish, cleaning and protecting wheels will help keep cars looking like new. Turtle Wax ICE Wheel & Tire Cleaner easily cuts through brake dust and road debris on all wheel and tire surfaces. The detachable unique ICE Edge™ Brush helps effortlessly clean intricate wheel areas.

· Interior: You will need a good vacuum to remove all of the dust and grime from within your car – Vacuumshop has reviews of the best vacuums for cars if you need to purchase one. To prevent stains and permanent discoloration, it is important to clean interior surfaces, including carpeting, upholstery and inside door panels. Turtle Wax’s ICE Total Interior Care can be used on all interior surfaces and leaves behind a barrier and non-greasy shine.

For a more extensive vehicle detail, Turtle Wax has a full line of high-performance car care products in addition to those mentioned above. Turtle Wax ICE Clay Kit provides the most thorough surface cleaning available by removing particles and impurities from the vehicle’s finish to preserve its appearance for years. Try Turtle Wax Chrome & Metal Polish to add a brilliant shine to chrome, aluminum and other soft metals. If old lenses are cloudy and oxidized, Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit enhances safety and appearance by clearing up old and yellowed headlights to like-new condition. For fathers with black cars, Turtle Wax Black Box will improve reflectivity and clarity to the black finish and provide a deep, wet shine.
For more information about available car care products for interior and exterior surfaces, visit www.turtlewax.com. This Web site offers a product selection tool to help users choose the right products for their vehicle and car care needs.