Driving INSIDE the Box – 2009 Nissan Cube

by Joe LaMuraglia

2009 Nissan Cube

I reviewed the 2009 Nissan Cube earlier this year and compared it to the Kia Soul and the Scion xB in The Battle of the Boxes article. I referred to the Cube as “The Playhouse” because it almost looks like a real car but not quite. I also expressed how surprised I was at how “normal” it behaved when I drove it down in Miami.
I’ve had a 2009 Nissan cube Krom edition for the past few days but today is the day I put it to the test. I have errands galore that include shopping (which for the record I DETEST), bank, post office….you know, the things that we all have to do every weekend. I’m going to use Twitter to update you on my experiences living with the cube for the next few days. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, do so HERE.

Nissan is a gay-friendly company.
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