Best Club Car of 2009

Joe Tralongo – 2010 Kia Soul

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Joe_Tralongo_Face.jpg2010 Kia SoulIn the wake of Wall Street’s melt down, living within your means has not only become fashionable, it’s become a necessity. But a tiny paycheck doesn’t have to put the kibosh on your good time, because for around $16K, you can still roll up to the club in a stylish little number called the Soul. iPod integration, Bluetooth for your cell phone and even speakers that match the beat of your music with pulsating red LED lighting are all features that belie this car’s miniscule price point. Match the Alien Green paint to the black and sand Houndstooth cloth interior, and you’re rolling in the modern day equivalent of your Grand Daddy’s Cadillac Eldorado. Now that’s Pimpin’ Korean style.

Nick Kurczewski – Bentley Continental Supersports

Thumbnail image for Nick_Kurczewski_bio.jpg2010 Bentley Continental SupersportsIt’s not often you can justify 621-horsepower with Earth-friendly credentials. The Continental Supersports is the most powerful Bentley road car, ever! That’s saying quite a lot. Now as if that fun factoid wasn’t enough, this $267,000 supercar also happens to be the first Bentley capable of running on clean-burning bio-fuels, such as E85 ethanol. Will anyone really buy this car for its green image? Absolutely not. But I still love it.

Casey Williams – 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS

Casey Williams at Gaywheels.com2011 Mercedes-Benz SLSAMGWhen the current Mercedes SL debuted in 2003, my partner and I cruised through Dallas’ Oak Lawn area with the top down. A hot young homo shouted in his best Texas accent, “That shit is pimp!” That shit was indeed pimp. But, the new SLS with its chrome Lonestar grille, long hood, and short rear deck is even more pimp. When you and your guest pop open the gullwing doors at the valet stand, I promise red carpets. Nothing makes an entrance like this Mercedes-Benz.

Joe LaMuraglia – 2010 Lincoln MKT

Thumbnail image for Joe_LaMuraglia_cigar.jpg2010 Lincoln MKTA club car to me is one that can fit you and your friends in comfort, blasts music to get the group in the mood and has looks to get attention when you pull up to the front of the line. The 2010 Lincoln MKT looks like nothing else on the road, features seating for 6 in limo-like comfort, an AMAZING THX stereo system and an optional refrigerator to keep certain beverages cold for the ride. Choose the Lincoln MKT with the twin-turbo EcoBoost engine – the 355 horsepower will outrun the paparazzi in no time!

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