Best Date Car of 2009

Joe Tralongo – 2010 Infiniti G37

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Joe_Tralongo_Face.jpg2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan.jpgAs my hubby and I just celebrated out 19th anniversary, this is always a tough one for me. I can’t even remember dating, let alone the most important requirement for impressing someone. I guess the best car from both the driver and prospective passenger/date’s point of view would be one that conveys a sense of financial security without being too pretentious or flashy. Oh, and it should also be a car that is not commonly perceived as compensating for the driver’s, err, short comings, if you get my drift. To this end, I think the perfect date car is the Infiniti G37. In Coupe form it says I’m young (or young at heart), carefree and not tied down; in Sedan guise it says I’m stable, secure and ready to commit. Either way I think Infiniti’s BMW killer hits all the right notes, attracting neither gold diggers nor ne’er-do-wells (I just love that phrase), which invariably leaves only the best husband material waiting curbside.

Nick Kurczewski – Nissan Cube

Thumbnail image for Nick_Kurczewski_bio.jpg2010 Nissan Cube KromLike accepting a blind date, you’re taking a chance when choosing the Nissan Cube. This boxy and asymmetrical Nissan isn’t the most thrilling car to drive – it’s on par with the Kia Soul, Scion xB, and most other poky economy cars. But it’s also practical, with plenty of room inside (which can come in handy if the date goes well), while the wacky styling shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. And with a base price of only $13,990, it hints that you’re not necessarily going to be the one to buy dinner if the date is lousy.

Casey Williams – 2009 Jeep Liberty

Thumbnail image for Casey_williams_headshot_biospage.jpg2010 Jeep LibertyJeep Liberty is one of those great all-road vehicles that can take you and your lovey anywhere – dinner, dancing, or way up on a mountain top for a romantic evening. The SUV is renowned for its capability, but is stylish enough to park out with prestigious power players. With the retractable top version, you can listen to MP3s via the MyGig system, stare at the sky from heated seats, then flip down the rear bench and create your own steam beneath the stars.

Joe LaMuraglia – 2009 VW CC

Thumbnail image for Joe_LaMuraglia_cigar.jpg2010 VW CCTo me the best “date car” should express who you are, where you are in life and what is important to you. The VW CC fits the bill for me. It is stylish without being ostentatious, fun to drive without being punishing and while it has room for more than two, it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a slightly selfish (it only seats four) sedan.

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