Best New Car of 2009

Joe Tralongo – Chevrolet Camaro

Joe_Tralongo_Face.jpg2010_Chevy_CamaroWhile some may debate whether the Camaro qualifies as a new car or a makeover, very few will deny the new Camaro is the hottest car on Chevrolet’s lot! Not only does the Camaro score big on numerous levels, it has quickly become a much-needed halo car for an automaker still in dire straights. With power to spare, a design that leaves the Mustang and Challenger in the dust and a level of refinement that–well, I can be happy with two out of three–a nicely loaded SS version, even with the balky six-speed manual, is a thrill to drive and true jaw dropper.

Nick Kurczewski – Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Nick_Kurczewski_bio.jpgMBZ - E550_Coupe.jpgSince when did Mercedes-Benz add all this sex appeal to the E-Class sedan and coupe? The 2010 E-Class is impressive for its high-tech features and incredible engine lineup. But it’s the seductive shape – complete with sculpted sides and get-outta-the-way grill and headlights – that’ll earn this beauty a prime spot in front of the club when you toss the keys to the valet. You can choose from the 268-horsepower E350, 382-horsepower E550 (probably the best mix of power, price and prestige), or tire-melting 518-horsepower E63 AMG. There is even a fuel sipping diesel in the mix too.

Casey Williams – Buick LaCrosse

Casey_williams_headshot_biospage.jpgBuickLaCrosse01.jpgTen years from now, when we look back at the success Buick has become, we will point to the LaCrosse as the car that moved GM’s storied brand back into the realm. Designed at GM’s studios in Shanghai, engineered by the good Germans at Opel, and wearing six ventiports, this is a good car. An interior customized to the twelves, electronic suspension system, 280-HP 3.6-litre V6, and near-silent comfort for five make it great. Young or old, gay or straight, LaCrosse is a fab way to roll.

Joe LaMuraglia – Chevrolet Equinox

Joe_LaMuraglia_cigar.jpg2010_Chevy_Equinox_header.jpgPicking the best new car is always a challenge. When considering this category, I think about now only how “good” a vehicle is but also its impact on the segment it competes in as well as the number of people it has the ability to touch. With that in mind, I chose the Chevrolet Equinox for Best New Car. It is light years ahead of the vehicle it replaces and as a player in the rapidly growing small crossover segment, it is not only competitive, it redefines what a non-luxury crossover should be. With that choice of a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine and FWD or AWD, the new Chevrolet Equinox hits a large sweet spot in the market and as a result has the ability to reintroduce Chevrolet to a large population.

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