Lincoln Says “Touch Me”


Casey Williams
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If Lincoln gets your attention,
pressing buttons may soon be a relic of the last decade.  Taking iPhone-like technology to the
automotive console, MyLincoln Touch allows you to engage your car like you’ve
never imagined before.   Forget about
buttons, just wave your hand and flick your wrist – two motions that should
come easily to big queens who want to command their cars like kings.

Beginning with the 2011 MKX,
Lincoln will introduce its new touch-sensitive technology that allows drivers
and passengers to operate the climate control and audio by moving their fingers
across a bar on the center console.  You
can intuitively adjust fan speeds or audio volume by either sliding your
finger, or giving it a quick three swipes to attain maximum output.  Once a feature is selected, it is highlighted
by amber lighting.  Lincoln’s crisp white
lighting shines when the option is not engaged.   

The technology that makes all of
this possible is pretty cool.  Touch
cells, similar to what’s used on touch screens, create an undetectable electric
field that, when broken by a finger, goes on and off like a switch.  Engineers have even tested to make sure
gloved fingers will work just fine.  An
audible “beep” lets you know the system has complied with your wishes.

Besides volume and fan speeds, MyLincoln Touch
controls the radio seek, station tuning, CD track, defrosters, and
air-conditioning.  The system also allows
you to save favorite interior temperature like a radio preset to serve multiple

To accompany all of the touch
tech, Lincoln gave the MKX a thorough facelift for 2011.  Head-on, the front dispenses with its classic
’60s-style mesh grille and adopts the brand’s new signature “bow wake” theme
that is based on the ’40 Continental. 
Accentuated “cycle” front fenders, LED taillamps, and custom stitched
interior materials stay true to Lincoln’s tradition of craftsmanship.  All that and a new 305-HP 3.7-litre V6 engine
make life much tougher for the Lexus RX and Cadillac SRX.

Read why the 2011 Lincoln MKX was one of our Top 5 from the 2010 Detroit Auto show 

2011 Lincoln MKX is a marvelous high-tech showcase, especially with the
addition of MyLincoln Touch driver connect technology,” said Sonya Nematollahi,
driver information and electronic finish panels engineering supervisor.  “Integrating our unique driver connect
technology with touch-sensitive technology creates a customer experience not
offered by any competitor.”

MKX has always been an elegantly designed crossover
that drives like a sport sedan. 
MyLincoln Touch and its fancy new attire make it one to covet.             


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