Best Superbowl Car Commercials

We posted teasers to five automotive-related car commercials prior to the 44th NFL Superbowl. Now that it is over and Bourbon street is rocking, we picked the Top 3 automotive commercials aired during the game.
For the record, we think Toyota should have gone with this one.
Our favorite is from VW. It is an awesome follow up to their “We Found Sluggy” campaign.

Second place goes to Kia. I have to be honest, I didn’t want to like this. Those life-sized toys really freaked me out in the teaser – especially the ribbed thing with arms. But the ending was good and it made my nephew laugh.

A VERY close third place goes to Dodge. The product is not new but the campaign speaks DIRECTLY to the target market and it made both my 50+ year old brothers laugh hard.