Dept. 180 at Chevrolet

I got this via Twitter this morning. It looks like Chevrolet is launching a new web series Chevy_Department180.JPGfeaturing their quality engineers. The short clip shows the real engineers seemingly having a blast freezing, heating, crashing and hauling ass in their products. It is very well done and makes you want to tune in for more.
First there was VW’s “discovery” of Sluggy – the inventor of Slug Bug and now Chevy 180. I’m liking how the brands are using the “social” media to be, well, more “social”. In this example, the engineers are real people, not actors, doing their jobs. It just so happens that their jobs are VERY interesting. Who wouldn’t want to drive a Camaro SS at speed on the track?
I’m looking forward to seeing more of this from Chevy and other brands. In the meantime, what the hell does that logo mean and why does it flash “Scan Me” at the end of the clip? Inquiring minds want to know!

I just figured out how to interact with the logo. It is a QR code and you can “decode” it by taking a picture with your phone and sending it to be “analyzed”. So, you may be asking, how do I do this? Click HERE to get the decoder for your phone. Better yet, go directly to on your mobile device to download the program directly. I just did it and it works brilliantly.
This is WAY cool and an awesome integration of a traditional message via new media.

The first chapter of the series has been posted. Awesome stuff!