Chevrolet gets its GLEEk on


Look, we know that not everyone is a fan of Glee. For one thing, it’s mostly about high schoolers, and their lives? Not always interesting. It’s also slick to the point of being unbelievable. And, at the core of Glee‘s glittery little heart, it’s a musical, and sometimes after a long day of arguing with Phil in Risk Management, we’d rather kick back, enjoy a gay-friendly Bud Light, and not be assaulted by barely post-pubescent belters. All valid complaints.

Other friends whine that the show perpetuates stereotypes of the limp-wristed, glee-club queen and the tough-as-nails gym-teacher dyke; that it’s a minstrel show full of LGBT types; that it’s not funny; that it’s patently offensive. To which we say: dude, what the hell show are you watching?

By our scientific calculations, Glee is at least marginally entertaining 90% of the time, which is 89% more than most shows on network television. Even better, actor Chris Colfer’s out, gay character Kurt Hummel is compelling, likable, and in many ways, a role model. Jane Lynch is not only hilarious on camera, but in real life, she’s also very out and very proud (and now, very married).

All that has translated into Glee‘s huge cult following — one that includes many LGBT viewers and some of the wealthiest young households in America (there’s probably some overlap). That explains why Chevrolet has been such a heavy-duty sponsor of the show since its debut last fall, and why the gay-friendly automaker has ponied up again, as Glee kicks off a new round of episodes tonight, following a weird, four-month hiatus.

Would Chevy stick around if the show weren’t so popular, or if the show drew LGBT viewers, but not necessarily folks with money? Maybe, maybe not. But when a gay-friendly TV series meets a gay-friendly automaker, we can’t help celebrating the love. That’s a match the homophobes at eHarmony couldn’t top. (Har.)

We haven’t been able to find footage from the recent Glee Spring Premiere Soiree driven by Chevy, but here’s a clip from last fall’s series premiere party, which features both the stars and some very nice cars: