Betty White, Bobby Trendy, Alec Baldwin, And Other Friday Fun Stuff


By Richard Read

It’s been a busy week at Gaywheels — behind the scenes, anyway — but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention to all the shenanigans going on outside our Fortress of Solitude (aka The Server Closet). Here’s a quick recap of some of the car stories that’ve caught our eye over the past few days. You’ve got nothing better to do on a Friday, right?

  • wheels-Betty-White.jpgWe were jealous of Gaywheels contributor Nick Kurczewski when he told us about the “Night Out With Cadillac” party at the New York Auto Show. But there really aren’t words to describe the heady blend of envy, rage, and backstabby star-lust that hit us when Marty Padgett pointed us to Nick’s interview with superawesome gay icon, Betty freakin’ Whitein which she confessed that she’s a complete car nut. Next thing you know, Nick’s going to tell us that she baked him cookies and shared dirty secrets about Mary Tyler Moore. Ugh, that boy is toast.  

  • On that note:

  • The Audi R8 — which has been massively popular here at Gaywheels — appeared in its spyder variant in two ads this week: one that’s a tie-in to the Iron Man 2 film, and another running on television in the U.K. that is far, far less interesting. We’ll take Robert Downey Jr. over a cliched opera soundtrack any day. But still, for your amusement: