Friday Fun Stuff: Retro Rides, Twinks And ‘Stangs, And Jesus Christ Vs. The Monte Carlo

BuickCenturion.jpgBy Richard Read

It’s Friday, and the clock is easing toward Miller Time (now known as Club-Soda-with-Lime Time, because we have to fit into a bathing suit eventually), so we’ve begun pondering weekend pursuits. Here are a few of the items suitable for public conversation:

1. If you’re a bona fide car nut, you really ought to follow Glen H on Flickr. Based in Australia, the guy has a monumental knowledge of cars, and he posts fantastic shots of vintage production models and concepts like the 1956 Buick Centurion above. Viewing his photostream is kind of like flipping through old issues of Physique Pictorial, but you can  probably get away with it in the dentist’s office without offending anyone. 

2. The Young Gay Icons of the world have huddled a little closer (probably for warmth): America’s Adam Lambert has been spotted in the company of British twink heartthrobs/hair-throbs Jedward. What’s that got to do with cars? Well, Lambert’s claim to fame comes from American Idol, which is heavily sponsored by Ford. And Jedward’s current chart-topper is a cover of the Vanilla Ice classic, “Ice, Ice Baby”, which offers a big ol’ shout out to the Ford Mustang 5.0. What’s more: Mr. Ice and the all-new 5.0 make a guest appearance in Jedward’s video. Either that’s a remarkable coincidence, or someone at Ford deserves a raise:

3. In lighter news, Lord Jesus Christ was hit by a car while crossing the street in Northampton, Massachusetts. As if we needed any more proof that Monte Carlos were the work of the devil.