Gay Racing Fans: Root For The Home Team In The Fireball Run

Gay Days in the 2010 Fireball Run

If you’re a racing fan, you’d probably been following this year’s Fireball Run. The Run is a road rally, not a race. In fact, it bills itself as an “8 day, 3500 mile adventurally…. Teams use more brain power than horse power to solve clues and accomplish missions needed in order to score points and reach their final destination!”

The fun began on September 23 in Henderson, Nevada, and it wraps up tomorrow in Galena, Illinois. Along the way, participating teams have had to compete in races and other challenges, all toward a charitable end: raising funds to help find missing children.

Gaywheels pioneered the participation of gay teams in the event, and this year, has taken up the torch in a snazzy red Chevrolet. Check out their Fireball Run blog and their Facebook page, and send ’em a little love as they race toward the finish line.