We Let the Dog Decide: The 2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible Is The Choice For Both Driver & Canine

Infiniti Q60 ConvertibleRoxy, Gaywheels own exclusive canine auto journalist, may be just a dog to some but she knows what she wants and more often than not that is the utmost in luxury. The 2014 Infiniti Q60 folding hardtop convertible provided her with just that and more as this is one of the few luxury convertibles that she is even allowed to ride in as it has a leather lined back seat not all that suitable for anything more than small children but perfect for a 44 pound boxer rescued from Boxer Rescue Los Angeles.

But do understand, Roxy is not the type of girl who needs “rescuing” as when we arrived at Boxer Rescue the day we picked her up we found her not in a cage with all of the other homeless dog but rather asleep in the back of a Lexus SUV. One of the volunteers had been keeping her at her home and had just brought her in to introduce her to the person who would be taking her home that day. Taking that into account with all of the luxury cars she has been in since then and it’s easy to see how Roxy has taken quite a liking to premium autos of all types.

Infiniti Q60 Convertible

Why is the Q60 a smart buy for dog owners?

Whenever you take your dog for a ride in a sporty luxury convertible like the Q60, it is absolutely essential that you have them in a fitted harness connected to one of the seat belt receptors. Because when you have the folding metal hardtop down and your dog is enjoying the wind in his or her face they may notice a squirrel in a tree and try to jump out of the car which would be bad to say the least. With a safety harness on not only will your dog be safer in any accident but you will also not have to worry about them trying to escape from the back seat at a stop light.

The Q60 also has front seats that slide forward at just the touch of a button on top of the backrest leaving plenty of entry room for your dog to get in and out of the car be it either in sport coupe or luxury convertible mode. This is also where we noticed the joy of being the human driver of this very sexy and stylish two door. Not only did we feel sexier driving the Q60 but we found the guttural and throaty sounding 3.7 liter 325 horsepower/265 lb. feet of torque V6 engine to be a source of instant over the speed limit fun.

Infiniti Q60 ConvertibleDriving the 2014 Infiniti Q60 will call to you in the night

Thanks to a very rigid body structure (especially when the top is up) and a suspension set-up perfectly calibrated for sporty driving and a smooth ride, the 2014 Infiniti Q60 is a car that will call to you in the night to drive it just for the sake of driving. One night at midnight, both Roxy and her owner were beckoned to the Q60 from their slumber and took a 250 mile drive to nowhere through the never ending suburban Southern California sprawl. As it was night time and cold out we kept this automotive transformer in coupe mode with the heater ensuring we were warm and toasty at all times.

Roxy slept in the back seat’s supple leather cocoon while we rocked out to the optional Bose premium sound system which includes speakers built into the backs of the front seats so you can always hear your music even with the top down. With the top up, the sound system has to power to blow out your eardrums. And during yet another long drive, this time up the coast during the day with the top down, the 13 speaker Bose Open air audio system remained an audiophiles delight and no doubt since we listen to our Lady GaGa at full volume we of course annoyed people in the cars next to us at stop lights. You know, the people we left in the dust after flooring the throttle and being pushed back into our seats as the standard 7-speed automatic rocketed its way through the gears.

Infiniti Q60 ConvertibleSo, do you love your dog enough to buy them a 2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible?

Or more to the point, do you love yourself enough to buy this once in a lifetime sport coupe which is so sexy that even someone who looks like Rush Limbaugh could get laid driving one?  Sure, the first time we put the folding metal hardtop down and it performed its magic origami dance into the space that was at one time the trunk Roxy did look like someone who just saw a UFO but after that she didn’t even lift up her head when the top went up or down.

However, no matter where we put the top up or down passers-by usually just walked along staring slack jawed. It is an amazing feat of engineering, this folding metal top, even if when the top is down you only have 2.5 cubic feet of cargo room. But if you are going away for the weekend, just keep the top up if you need to put luggage in the 11.5 cubic foot trunk or use the back seat for storage space if your dog is not invited. But Roxy wonders, why the hell isn’t your dog invited?

In case you were wondering, the base price for the Q60 convertible is $47,900 and after options which included the aforementioned Bose audio, intelligent radar cruise control, a brake assist system which slows you automatically when you get too close to the car ahead of you, heated/cooled front seats, navigation, 19-inch wheels with performance tires among many other features our out the door price came in at a hair under $56,000. Well worth it to both Roxy the dog and James her chauffeur.

Photos by Jon Gala