Volkswagen & Apple CarPlay Patch Up Bland Bromance Between Michael Pena & Adam Scott

We’ve been waiting a long, long time for Apple’s CarPlay to arrive — over two years, in fact. The service was announced in 2013 at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, but due to a host of delays, it’s just now beginning to appear in vehicles. (Coincidentally, Android Auto is running on roughly the same timeline.)

Despite that anticipation, though, and despite the fanboy/girl devotion that Apple products inspire, few automakers offering CarPlay have advertised it. Frankly, this new clip from Volkswagen is among the first we’ve seen — and even it’s not technically a commercial for CarPlay. Rather, it advertises VW’s App Connect, which is a suite of services that includes CarPlay.

But whatever. I’m still excited about CarPlay’s arrival. (Though since I’m not in the market for a new ride right now, and since aftermarket systems start around $700, I won’t be installing it tomorrow.)

What I’m less excited about is the bland bromance VW concocted for Michael Pena and Adam Scott. It’s about as believable as watching Tom Cruise professing love for, oh, I dunno, any woman?

Also: Given the importance of communication in relationships, and given Siri’s unerring ability to err big-time, she’s the last “person” we’d pick to be our marriage counselor.

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