Helpful Hint: Don’t Live-Tweet Getting Drunk & Driving Like This Florida Woman Did

It happened in Florida, of course:

Multiple concerned citizens called Lakeland Police Department in Florida on Saturday evening when a woman, later identified as 23-year-old Whitney Beall, was live-streaming using the app Periscope and driving while intoxicated, WTSP reports. Her live stream was titled “Drunk girl driving”….

Throughout the 11-minute video, Beall admits to being “so fucking drunk,” in addition to being lost. She even attempts to field directions from users watching the stream.

Beall also admits in the video that “driving drunk is not cool.”

She will be in need of a criminal lawyer to help her reduce her charges as there is clear proof that she is intoxicated while driving. Although she didn’t take a breathalyzer test, she still stated in the video she was drunk.

She really should have known better. She shouldn’t have driver her car after drinking alcohol, let alone live stream herself doing it.

Check out the train wreck — which thankfully involves neither trains nor wrecks — below: