Tesla Wants You To Stop Doing Dumb Things With Autopilot

We’ve all read the stories and seen the videos. (If not, check the one above.) It’s clear that Tesla’s new “autopilot” feature has a few kinks to work out.

What’s also clear is that Tesla owners are asking the autopilot system to do more than it’s meant to. And so, since you people won’t stop putting yourselves and your sweet electric cars in harm’s way, Tesla is going to save you from yourselves:

Today Tesla chief Elon Musk said in a conference call with analysts today the company would be adding “some additional constraints” related to when the Autopilot feature can be enabled, in order to “minimise the possibility of people doing crazy things with it.”

Already the car prompts the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel when it can sense they’re not placed on the wheel, but it seems Tesla wants to push this further to make sure driver safety — and good PR — remains top priority.

Hands at ten and two, Einstein, as my high school driving teacher used to say.

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