FCA, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, VW earn perfect marks on LGBT rights

Every year around this time, the HRC publishes its Corporate Equality Index. The CEI ranks America’s Fortune 500 companies on ten different criteria related to rights, protections, and benefits offered to LGBT employees. A perfect score of 100 means that a company’s gay, lesbian, bi, and trans workers are on equal footing with their straight peers.

On the HRC’s 2017 survey, a record nine automakers aced the CEI, and that record holds for 2018. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen all earned top marks on everything from anti-discrimination in hiring and firing to spousal benefits to medical coverage for trans employees. (Honda’s not too far behind, at a respectable 85.)

Even more remarkable? Of the automakers on that list, only two are technically included in the HRC’s survey of Fortune 500 companies: Ford and GM. The rest are either too small, or they’re not American. (Detroit stalwart Chrysler became Fiat Chrysler in 2014 and is now headquartered in London.)

What that means is that seven automakers–eight including Honda–willingly submitted data to the HRC. They’re proud of their work on diversity and LGBT rights. And that’s largely because of people like you, who’ve made it very clear that you want to do business with companies that treat our community fairly.

As always, though, there’s room for improvement, particularly when it comes to dealers. Two of the largest networks in the country–AutoNation and Penske Automotive Group–each scored a measly 10 on the CEI. What’s more appalling, they didn’t respond to HRC’s repeated requests for information, and they never have. HRC assigned scores to AutoNation and Penske “based on publicly available information as well as information submitted to HRC from unofficial LGBTQ employee groups or individual employees”.

Thankfully, such companies are outliers. Their approach to workplace equality is now the exception, not the rule. Now, government bodies too are increasingly recognizing the need for workplace equality and bringing in laws that favor the rights of all employees including the LGTBQ community. Not to mention that all employees always hold the right to seek legal counsel from reputed lawyers such as Eatons Solicitors in Bradford or in any other location of work if they feel like they are being discriminated against or face any other legal issues regarding employment. Companies are, however, bringing in more inclusive work environments, and such disputes have likely been reduced to a minimum. HRC reports that the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies–70% to be exact–go the extra mile and offer protections and benefits to LGBT employees. Of the 947 corporations included in the 2018 CEI (447 of which voluntarily submitted information), a staggering 609 received scores of 100.

Even more impressive? Just 15 years ago, the number of companies with perfect scores was 13. Yes, folks: 13.

You can download and read a PDF of this year’s Corporate Equality Index by clicking here.

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