The Challenge of Vehicular Life In The Age of COVID-19

With every news cycle that comes through on COVID-19, it feels as we’re being bombarded with various levels of information all at once. Our freedom of movement seems like we’re being curtailed.

We’re all working at home because the government told us to. Yet, we’re fighting to create VPNs in our home to efficiently get back to work or to get our families together. This has been a blessing and a curse for practically everyone.

However, there is so much self quarantining and social distancing we can do to “flatten the curve” on this virus. But, how?

Perhaps it’s time to not get cooped up from working at home. Maybe not the best suggestion to make. Then again, gasoline prices have dropped and the highways have less traffic on them.

Perhaps you need to do a road trip. Maybe, a day trip?

Planning a day trip is simple. Unless you live in the state of California, where an order has been imposed by its Governor for its residents to simply stay at home, you can still do some non-essential travel for some reason. Just get in your car and go somewhere for the day.

In plenty of states, it is a pretty easy run for about 2-4 hours one way to get anywhere. Just see something, like architecture, landscapes, flowing rivers, and get some fresh air. Just see something you won’t otherwise see at home.

Granted, you may have to do a pickup or drive-through in places where there are closures of dining spaces and bars. But, if you’re hungry, you can still do social distancing and self quarantine with your meal. Perhaps inside your vehicle…or, at a park, if the community allows it.

What about protecting yourselves from the virus inside your vehicle?

In a recent article in Consumer Reports, it was suggested that you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber cloth to clean and disinfect a lot of touch surfaces inside our vehicle. It is a solution that would not only kill the possibility of the virus to appear in your vehicle but will not cause any damage to the interior surfaces you’re applying it on.

Soap and water might work, but vigorous cleaning with it could damage some interior surfaces. Though bleach or hydrogen peroxide can kill the virus on these surfaces, the damage to them will be worse. On the other hand, there are now disinfectant wipes you can bring with you that would work for the time being.

Most importantly, safe care through this health situation is simply rooted in using common sense. That means washing your hands with soap and water, not touching your face, covering your mouth with a sleeve or something else other than your hands when you cough or sneeze.

Of course, you can read all of this up on the Center for Disease Control’s website here:

All of us at want to assure you that we will make it through this health situation. We made it through tougher challenges before. We can get through this.

However, if you live in a place where there are no orders to curtail travel beyond essential trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy – get out, get some fresh air, and drive somewhere within a solid distance. That is what your vehicle is there for.