Jeff Stork

2013 Chevrolet Volt: Hold Everything!

The year is winding down and suddenly there’s a flurry of last-minute cars filling my driveway. One that’s always a welcome guest is the Chevy Volt — one of my favorite cars and, in my opinion, nothing less than the reinvention of the automobile. Although I covered it pretty thoroughly last year, there’ve been a couple improvements, so I was eager to take it for another spin. [...]

2013 Buick Encore: A Compact Crossover With The Soul Of A Buick

When I first saw the new Buick Encore, it seemed to me to be the answer to a question that nobody had asked: “Is there really a place in the market for a compact Buick crossover?” Based on the GM Gamma II platform — also shared with the Chevy Sonic — the little bubble of a Buick is an adaptation of the Opel Mokka, and is about to go on sale as the Chevrolet Trax in markets outside North America. First impressions made me wonder if GM’s little Korean crossover was little more than an exercise in badge-engineering. [...]