Saturn Reviews

Help Choose the Best Astra Kisser

We reported on Saturn’s marketing stunt to increase awareness of the entirely competent Astra in July of this year. In that post, we urged the Gs, the Ls, the Bs and the Ts to represent and enter the Kiss My Astra contest. Now the time as come and I have no idea if any of our readers even entered. So, why should you care? Well, Saturn has narrowed it down to 20 finalists (a few shown here) and you get to vote to see who wins a new Saturn Astra. [...]

Behind the Scenes at Project Runway

I came out of the closet as a Project Runway fan after last week’s episode. Never before did I have a reason to write about my little addiction but when Saturn took center stage and our friend Chris Webb was featured in the first five minutes, I just couldn’t hold back! We promised an interview with Chris Webb and thanks to the wonderful PR divas at GM, we now have some of his snarky insight to what went down last week in NYC. [...]

Six Automakers Score 100 with HRC

9/2/2008 – The Human Rights Campaign Foundation just released its 2009 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and 6 of the 259 major U.S. businesses that scored a top rating of 100 percent are automotive manufacturers. Listed in alphabetical order they are: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Subaru, Toyota and VW. Subaru, in concert with their long-standing support of the LGBT community, is not surprising. Some might be taken back by the other companies on the list as well as those that didn’t achieve a perfect score. [...]

Sexy by Saturn on Project Runway

I have a secret – I am a Project Runway fan. Not a crazed “I have to see it or I’ll go crazy” fan but I do enjoy watching Tim Gunn stare down the designs and scowl while saying “you’ve got a lot of work to do”. Oh yeah, and the bitchy, backstabbing, whiny designers can be fun too. When I happened to be watching the other night and it was an automotive-themed episode of Project Runway, I was fast-clapping inside my head. [...]

Kiss My Astra

When I got the alert via Twitter this morning about the “Kiss My Astra” contest, my first reaction was “how cute”. Then I realized that is an attempt to be viral and that means the Astra isn’t getting much attention from potential shoppers which blows my mind. It is no secret that we like the Saturn Astra here at Our review is complimentary and I even convinced my sister to be among the first 1,000 owners in the U.S. when she bought one the first weekend they went on sale. The Astra is competitive entrant in the segment and with gasoline going through the roof, it should be flying off the lots (Astra MPG = 22 city/34 hwy). [...]

Eight Family-Friendly Haulers

With more lesbian and gay couples raising families, the community’s car-buying habits have altered radically. The safety-conscious kid hauler is quickly replacing the flashy sports car. Below is a small sampling of some family-friendly vehicles assembled by the good folks at Each carries at least six-passengers, is priced within reach of most middle-class households and is built by a gay-friendly company (gay-friendly status is determined by whether or not a company offers domestic partner benefits to both its corporate and factory employees here in the United States). [...]