The Other Star of A SINGLE MAN

Somewhere between wallowing in memories of past love, brooding in loneliness, lecturing at a university, engaging in mid-night trysts, frequenting gay bars, being pursued by a beautiful young man, romping in the ocean, confiding in Julianne Moore, and planning an exit from this earth, A Single Man’s Colin Firth drove a Mercedes 220S Coupe. If I were a college prof in 1964 and lost my partner in a tragic accident, I might have been driven to indulge in these diversions. I would also have driven the Mercedes. [...]

Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles – 2nd Quarter 2009

River Edge, NJ – Gays and lesbian car and truck shoppers continue to show their diversity in vehicles with a combination of economy, luxury and super cars being the most-researched on Gaywheels.com, the sole source of information specifically targeted to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) car-shoppers. Today, Gaywheels.com announced its list of the Top 10 Most-Researched Vehicles during the second quarter of 2009: [...]

Top 5 New Cars- 2009 NY Auto Show

It has been over a week since I crawled out of the aging Javitz Center in NYC to see the light of day after attending the NY Auto show during press day. Sure, the auto show sounds glamorous but trust me, it is exhausting. You may not believe this but I didn’t get to spend any quality time with a vehicle until the afternoon of the second day. It is a competition to get in the cars, photograph them and even videotape them. And EVERYONE is trying to do this. One ESPECIALLY friendly colleague from Edmunds.com got ally pissy because, gasp!, I actually sat in the front seat of a car when he was trying to film. Sorry sunshine, I didn’t get the memo that you had a closed set. And for the record, if you ever slam a door in my face like that again, I will take you out. You know who you are. [...]