Photos from Atlanta Pride!

Atlanta Pride has come and gone but the photos will last forever. If you had your photo taken in one of the Saturns, this is where you come to retrieve it. If you want to see some great photos of the event, click on the hot boy on the Saturn to see our slide show from Atlanta Pride festival. [...]

Pride at the Pump

As many Americans search high and low for the cheapest gas prices, Allen Cornelison fills the 27 gallons in his Dodge Durango at $3.19 per gallon without blinking an eye. “I don’t even know what I paid for this today,” Cornelison, 26, said after filling up his SUV Wednesday. If spending more than $80 per fill-up isn’t going to influence Cornelison’s gasoline-buying habits, it’s hard to imagine what will — and Cornelison admits nothing much does. “I’m all about convenience — whatever’s close,” he said. Not everyone agrees…. [...]

Only in Europe!

Europe has long been known for their acceptance of more “creative” messaging in their advertising. Well it seems that Daihatsu is going for the “Gayest Automotive Web Site of All Time Award” with the launch of the site for a vehicle called the Trevis on their German website. [...]