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2016 Passat Unveiling: Chicken Little, The Sky Is Not Falling Because Volkswagen Lied

Alright people, I will get right to the point. The Volkswagen emissions scandal (A.K.A.—Dieselgate) is not by any stretch of the imagination the “largest scandal in the history of auto manufacturing” nor is it any more of a “betrayal of…

2011 Toyota Avalon Preview

Toyota’s press conference began with a humble commitment to quickly repair all of its vehicles affected by the accelerator and brake recalls. The company is showing renewed vigor in taking care of very loyal customers. Almost sheepishly, Bob Carter, group…

Nick K. On MyFox NY Talking Toyota

Nick_fox.jpgWe are posting this not only to brag that our own Nick Kurczewski is one of our contributors but also to share more great information about the Toyota recall. Watch Nick do his thing for our friends at Edmunds.com on this morning’s MyFox New York.