2010 Subaru Outback – First Drive

When you think of Subaru, all-wheel-drive wagons probably come to mind. Your mental image most likely includes a kayak or canoe strapped to the top or a road-film-encrusted wagon making its way through snowy paths in the middle of winter. That imagery has been cultivated in your psyche by Subaru’s marketing department as well as Subie owners around the country. Subaru’s are popular with active people who actually take them on adventures and who most likely live in an area where inclement weather is considered a challenge or a blessing rather than a curse [...]

LGBT Auto Survey Results

Our first survey of LGBT Auto owners was a success. We received 3,685 responses from the U.S. and the data revealed some very interesting insights. When we looked at the people who self-identified as LGBT that purchased their car new, guess which brand was the most popular? It isn’t what you think! [...]

2009 Subaru WRX – A Week In the Life

We just took delivery of Dark Gray Metallic Subaru Impreza WRX in Atlanta, GA. And thus far, we’re digging it (and we’re Tweeting it – GayWheel’s version 2.0 of the Tweet Review experience). The ’09 Subaru Impreza WRX has jumped in power and performance to that of the ’08 WRX STI. That means 265 hp, 244 lb-ft of growly flat-four torque, and more athletic suspension tuning to cling to Atlanta’s arcing curves, blast at autobahn speeds (every driven highway 400?), and navigate (ouch) the patchwork of metal plates covering the largest sewer system re-do in the last century. [...]

Subaru Tribeca – Love is a Funny Thing

Subaru’s latest commercial campaign touts very little in terms of product attributes but rather focuses on the relationship that their loyal owners have with their Subarus. According to the marketing campaign it is LOVE that makes a Subaru, a Subaru and in terms of brand strategy, it seems to be working. Subaru is one of the few auto makers that is increasing their sales during this challenging economic times. [...]

Six Automakers Score 100 with HRC

9/2/2008 – The Human Rights Campaign Foundation just released its 2009 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and 6 of the 259 major U.S. businesses that scored a top rating of 100 percent are automotive manufacturers. Listed in alphabetical order they are: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Subaru, Toyota and VW. Subaru, in concert with their long-standing support of the LGBT community, is not surprising. Some might be taken back by the other companies on the list as well as those that didn’t achieve a perfect score. [...]