VW Owner Welcome

My brother owns a 2009 VW Jetta TDI. As a owner, he gets a subscription to VW’s magazine DasAuto. I intercepted it the other day for some good bathro…I mean, downtime reading material. Owner’s magazines are nothing new and DasAuto magazine has the usual product propaganda and branded trinkets to buy. But I also found some really useful information that VW is offering to their owners – the most interesting being their online instruction manual for new VW owners. [...]

Road Trip in a 2009 VW Touareg V6 TDI

I just spent a week at the helm of the 2009 VW Touareg V6 TDI. The week included a trip from my home in Northern NJ to Atlanta, GA via Greensboro, NC. The stop in NC was to pick up three nephews that helped work on my home in Hotlanta for a few days. When the Touareg was scheduled, I had no idea that I’d be putting so many miles on it. Lucky for me, it coincided with a free week in my schedule and I couldn’t have been happier with its combination of luxurious comfort, room and excellent highway fuel economy. And according to three 16 year-old boys’, the Touareg kicks as*. Their words, not mine. [...]

Driving Clean Across America

I am taking part in Wave 3 of Audi’s “Mileage Marathon” – a cross-country drive event that started in New York last week and will end in Los Angeles on October 20th. Audi’s is using this event to introduce their new clean diesel vehicles to the world and I’ll be part of a team testing a Q7 from Denver to Las Vegas via Durango, CO and Sedona, AZ. [...]