Under Investigation

While we strive to offer you the most complete information available, it is difficult to report what we simply don’t have.  We are still waiting to hear from the companies listed below.  Once they respond, we will classify them appropriately. To see a list of the gay-friendly manufacturers, click here.

Gay-Friendly Companies

The brands listed below are gay friendly. Please consider their progressive policies towards their GLBT employees when shopping for your next vehicle. Click on a brand name for a list of reviews by Gaywheels.com writers.                    Acura    Aston Martin    Audi    Bentley    BMW    Buick    Cadillac    Chevrolet    Chrysler    Dodge    Ford    GMC    Honda … Continue reading

Volvo European Delivery

Return to European Delivery Main Page Swedish automaker Volvo has a very popular European Delivery program started more than 40 years ago. They have delivered more than 300,000 cars through their Tourist, Diplomat and Military program, many of them at their main factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo program currently … Continue reading