Volvo European Delivery

Swedish automaker Volvo has a very popular European Delivery program started more than 40 years ago. They have delivered more than 300,000 cars through their Tourist, Diplomat and Military program, many of them at their main factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo program currently includes roundtrip airfare for two and a number of other perks. All Volvo models are available in the program.

Models available

· Volvo S40 sedan and V50 wagon
· Volvo S60 and S60 R sedan, V70 and V70 R wagon
· Volvo S80
· Volvo XC70
· Volvo XC90


· Approximately 8 percent off of the MSRP.

Included in European Delivery:

· Roundtrip airfare on Scandinavian Airlines for 2 from U.S. to Europe, including one connection in U.S. if necessary via Continental or United
· Swedish export plates, valid for six months
· European Car Insurance, valid for 15 days. Longer terms are available for additional cost
· 24-hour Roadside Assistance
· Home shipment Services

If you choose to pick up your car at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, these additional perks are included:

· Taxi transportation from Gothenburg airport
· One night accommodation at SAS Radisson in Gothenburg
· Meatball lunch at the Volvo Factory
· Volvo Factory tour (when available) or Safety Center tour
· Volvo Museum pass
· Recommended driving tours, travel uggestions, hotel discounts

Extra Cost:

· Nothing, except insurance if you stay longer than 15 days.
·&nbspMaximum time in Europe is 6 months, or Sweden will demand taxes on your purchase

Pick-Up Locations:

· Gothenburg, Sweden, hometown of Volvo. The Factory Delivery Center is located at the Volvo Factory. There is no extra delivery fee.

Or choose delivery at any of these cities for an extra charge ranging from $665 to $1,040:

· Amsterdam, The Netherlands
· Copenhagen, Denmark
· Helsinki, Finland
· London, United Kingdom
· Stockholm, Sweden
· Paris, France
· Berlin, Germany
· Brussels, Belgium
· Geneva, Switzerland
· Munich, Germany
· Vienna, Austria

Drop-off Locations – No charge at these cities::

· Gothenburg, Sweden
· Bremerhaven, Germany

A drop-off fee applies to these locations (varies from 75 to 589 Euros):

· Belgium: Brussels
· Copenhagen, Denmark
· France: Paris or Nice
· Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Sindelfingen
· Amsterdam, Netherlands
· Norway: Drammen or Narvik
· Spain: Madrid or Rota
· Stockholm, Sweden
· Geneva, Switzerland
· United Kingdom: London or Mildenhall

For more information:

Contact your local Volvo dealership

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