'Photo opportunity' by Flickr user John M

Provincetown Bear Week Travel Guide: What To Eat, Who To See, Where To Dance

Today’s special Bear Week travel guide is brought to you by writer, photographer, Provincetown know-it-all, and my husband, John d’Addario. * * * * * Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts is a lot like summer camp, only with more body…

An Interview With Gay NASCAR Driver Justin Mullikin

I met Justin Mullikin of JM Racing in September when I was visiting my family in Wisconsin. He went to the same high school I did, albeit a lot later. I was amazed to learn that he was out in high school, something I never would have considered in the late 80s. But times have changed even in the flyover states and they’re coming out a lot earlier.

Election Day: What’s At Stake

Technically speaking, Gaywheels isn’t a political website. However, like many of you, we pay close attention to political candidates at every level of government: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, sheriffs, secretaries of state, and senators.

So Really: What IS The ‘Subaru Lifestyle’?

Earlier this week, we told you about our trip to North Carolina to test drive the 2013 Subaru Outback. What we didn’t mention was a series of philosophical discussions that broke out among the journalists on that trip.

Driven: 2013 Subaru Outback With EyeSight

Over three days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we put two versions of the 2013 Subaru Outback through their paces on the road and in the sand dunes. Our goal? To explore the cars’ limits and to test the EyeSight driver-assist system.

7 Tips For Buying A Great Used Car

The most important purchases you’ll ever make are likely to involve a roof or wheels. Here are seven helpful tips to make you a pro at one of those:

2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged

A Proper English Predator Prepares to Hunt German Thoroughbreds By Lauren Marie How can you resist this face? An icon of luxury, prestige, and one of your grandfather’s favorite subjects on which to reminisce, the masters at Jaguar design (led…

2011 Nissan Leaf

How far is your daily commute? Ten miles? Twenty? Maybe you drive 30 miles on a normal weekday: back and forth to work, out for lunch, run a few errands on the way home. It’s the typical drive for the…

European Delivery

The Ultimate Souvenir

BMW Welt - European Delivery Center

Dreaming of a new European car? Dreaming of a European vacation? How about both at the same time? European manufacturers have been offering the option of ordering your vehicle at your local dealer and picking it up at a factory delivery center in the Old Country. We just added BMW’s information to our European Delivery article. You can pick up your Bavarian Beauty on their new BMW Welt and drive it on the roads it was designed for. We like to call it the Ultimate Souvenir.


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