2006 Audi A3 2.0T

Our editor and our own CarDiva had the pleasure of driving the 2006 Audi A3 2.0 T with the DSG transmission.  (DSG stands for direct shift gearbox, which is an auto-manual with more manual transmission tendencies without the clutch).

Gaywheels.com: : Hey sunshine

CarDiva: : : Hello sailor

Gaywheels.com: : we are talking about the Audi A3 today, right?

CarDiva: : : Yes sir!

Gaywheels.com: : It is not quite a hatch, or a wagon, shall we settle for wagonette?

CarDiva: : : It is a hatchback

Gaywheels.com: : No, can’t be that, no self-respecting, car-loving gay man or woman would drive it

Gaywheels.com: : Let’s call it a sport hatch

CarDiva: : : <silence>

CarDiva: : : I drove a hatchback

Gaywheels.com: : Ooooookaaaaayyyyy then

Gaywheels.com: : What did you think?

Gaywheels.com: : I really liked it…although the DSG took some getting used to

CarDiva: : : It is FAST

Gaywheels.com: : VERY FAST

CarDiva: : : quick shifting

Gaywheels.com: : and smooth too

Gaywheels.com: : it didn’t feel quite as smooth in stop and go traffic as a normal automatic though

CarDiva: : :  True, the transmission seemed to get confused as to which gear to be in. Although the S (sport) mode was much better!

Gaywheels.com: : Agreed. But under all out acceleration, it was awesome…fast, smooth and instantaneous shifts

Gaywheels.com: : In the spirit of full disclosure, I came into this hating the DSG, but it grew on me.

CarDiva: : : I would have to say I have a love/hate feeling about the DSG. Although I loved it under hard acceleration, I did not like it for around town driving

CarDiva: : : Who do you think Audi had in mind when the designed the A3?

Gaywheels.com: : I say the target buyer is young, professional that needs some cargo room but doesn’t want a gas-guzzling SUV

Gaywheels.com: : also, he/she likes to drive, FAST

Gaywheels.com: :  They probably won’t notice the issues with the DSG transmission, we tend to be a bit picky.

Gaywheels.com: : Let’s talk about style

Gaywheels.com: : What do you think of Audi’s new look? Does it translate well to this sports hatch?

CarDiva: : : I really like the new front/nose

CarDiva: : : I am not too happy with the back end though

Gaywheels.com: : What is wrong with it?  Too big?

CarDiva: : : It just was not very exciting. The car seemed to get boring once you got to the rear…….I COULD take that and run with it but I will refrain……

Gaywheels.com: : Thank you for your restraint.  I was expecting some joke about the tailpipe……..

Gaywheels.com: : The dramatic nose is certainly the most prominent design feature……and the rear is simply functional, allowing it to handle large items.

CarDiva: : : Did you just go there?

Gaywheels.com: :  I don’t know what you are talking about…..

Gaywheels.com: : I was a bit disappointed in the interior

CarDiva: : : why, I thought the interior was top quality

Gaywheels.com: : the materials are high quality and everything is put together well

CarDiva: : : so why were you disappointed?

Gaywheels.com: : but it was kinda like eye candy at a bar, looks great but not much substance to it.

Gaywheels.com: : It could have been more, I don’t know….entertaining

CarDiva: : : I disagree, I think it was very sleek with high quality fit and finish. Then at night it really lit up nicely.

Gaywheels.com: : Another thing I didn’t like about the car was the price tag. Over $30K and not even a sunroof.

CarDiva: : : hey, that is my line

Gaywheels.com: : Me? Steal a line? NEVER!

CarDiva: : : that is what I kept saying the entire time we had the car

CarDiva: : : I think we are done here

Gaywheels.com: : Ok, say buh bye


  • Engine – 2.0T with 200 HP = FAST
  • DSG Transmission in manual mode and using the paddle shifters
  • Stereo – sounded incredible
  • Styling from the front
  • Maneuverability in parking lot situations
  • Interior trim quality
  • Overall fit and finish


  • DSG transmission – sometimes hesitated and seemed to get confused
  • Styling from the rear – disappointing after the dramatic front end
  • Price tag – gets expensive with options
  • Rear seat legroom
  • Rear seat – rare case where too hard was not good.

The test car sticker totaled $30,085.00 including destination.  The EPA fuel economy is rated 25 city/31 highway.  It also comes with a 4yr./50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty including  4yrs. of Roadside Assistance and 4 yr./50,000 mile Audi Advantage Maintenance Protection.

Our tester was loaded with several options including the following:

Premium Package @ $2,025 includes:  17” alloy wheels, Homelink ®, Storage package, trip computer, auto-dimming rear view mirror, light sensor, rain sensor, power front drive seat, multi-function leather steering wheel, aluminum belt line trim, front fog lights and leather seating surfaces.

Cold Weather Package @ $700 includes: heated front seats, ski sack, heated windshield washer nozzles, heated exterior mirrors

Sun Package @ $200 includes:  rear side sunshades, rear sunbreak

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